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  1. Jason Sims says:

    Had my hearing with Judge Whitney, he was polite and even complimented me a couple of times. Very to the point and courteous to everyone on the call. Don’t know my outcome but I believe it was a very fair hearing.

  2. Mark Gantt says:

    Seemed fair, I don’t know the outcome of my hearing yet, but he asked good questions and wanted good, short answers.

  3. Fuck you says:

    Hes a fucking dick! I hope him his kids, grandkids, everyone in his fucking family dies slow painful death! The system is fucked up and the country need to be saved by another country, I wish our leaders bullshit lawmakers would drop dead

  4. Robert Castleberry says:

    I have been denied by this clown twice already. I had the medical proof but he wanted to send me to a social security doctor and when I went, the doctor said “I don’t know how you have managed to last this long with your injuries “. He didn’t even use his own doctor’s advice! Instead, he colluded with a doctor out of Oklahoma that I have never seen or heard of and got the testimony he was looking for. I truly hate that POS judge whitney! I believe that the reason for him doing this is because I made almost 100k per year prior to becoming disabled and he ran out the clock so I would get only the minimum amount of disability when I’m finally approved. “F” Judge whitney! Retire you old crusty bastard!

  5. None ya says:

    Just retire already!

  6. Roald Mark says:

    Had my hearing today was approved Judge Whitney was fair understanding i had my medical records he listened to me and gave me my life back thank you judge

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