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  1. Stephanie says:

    This guy is male chauvinist, bigot. I had ample evidence of disability. I had to wait 4 years for a hearing only to end up with him presiding over my case. I was 23 years old and was already battling severe Crohn’s disease for 12 years. I had 2 bowel resections, multiple perianal abscess surgeries , plus a temporary ileostomy and take-down surgery. I was a human guinea pig for Crohn’s medications like remicade (before it was placed on the market) 6 mp, steroids and many others that I failed. I stated that I had at least 20 bowel movements a day, nausea and vomiting. I was extremely underweight and malnourished. Malabsorption is symptom of Crohn’s. This guy whom I refuse to refer to as a man, treated me with such disrespect,unprofessionalism, and disgust. It was also well known to the lawyers who had prior cases with him that he loathes women. This was brought to my attention by my lawyer who when asked what judge I had said to me ” Oh, you have Berk…He hates women!” I thought that couldn’t possibly be true because you have to be objective to be a judge. Was I ever wrong! This individual was awful to me and my denial letter was ten times worse! I had at least 4 pages of him calling me a liar and accusing me of exaggerating. One of the the things said in the letter for example was that I exaggerated having 20 bowel movements a day. I thought to myself ” dear God, did I lie?” So I decided to make a tally one day of my BM’s because if I dramatized it I wanted to know so I would have a reason to be ashamed of myself and correct it. For one full day my tally marks did not add up to 20. So yes I did lie. My tally reached 42! I actually underplayed it. It took 2 more years to appeal my SSI case and get another hearing. All the while going through hell with my declining health. I had no work experience and never had a job, which I was also frowned upon for. Mind you I had been fighting Crohn’s disease since the age if 11. I wasn’t just looking for a handout, being lazy, or faking an illness because I didn’t want to work. I was in and out of hospitals then and until this day I still am. That’s a whole other story though . Yes this is an extremely lengthy comment and probably doesn’t matter since he doesn’t seem to work here anymore but I know that I most certainly am not the only person this particular judge affected is such a negative, unnecessary, and irrational way. I would Love to hear other’s stories as well.

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