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  1. Francis Lagace says:

    Francis Lagace

    Hey Dan. You accused my wife of submitting a biased letter. After reading your writings I don’t think you know what biased is but you sure can do it.

    Her letter carries much weight because she’s my wife and lives with me. You don’t. You accuse her of submitting her letter for financial gain. Do you really think ssdi benefits are going to make it possible and compelling to buy a new Corvette? Of course she has a financial interest. She has to feed and house me because of my medical problems. The benefits I seek aren’t going to force the US to reduce the new Ford class aircraft carrier program or the 25 or so new hunter killer submarines that the u.s. is building.
    Between the hearing with you and your ignorance and cherry picking and my wife’s letter it is obvious that you think I’m a deadbeat. I did the American thing and worked through the pain and illness but hit the wall. My approach to doing what my country asked of me is now biting me in the ass. You’re a disgrace. I hope your proud of yourself.

  2. Francis R Lagace says:

    Driscoll threw me down the hole. Roger’s too. Thanks guys for pushing me down. And there ain’t no where up from here. So I’m condemned.

  3. Chloe Correia says:

    Judge Driscoll was very thorough, involved and extensive with his questions over our telephone hearing and was kind enough to allow me to calm down as i was flustered during the call. I know not my results yet, but i really appreciate how neutral and open he was. my anxiety was horrible but his neutrality and understanding while i was distressed was very kind.

  4. Gary Ells says:

    I found Judge Driscoll to be Fair, Respectful, Open-Minded & Engaging.


    I didn’t have an attorney and being homeless I was nervous about my day in court for sure. However going before judge Driscoll made my nerves go away that day. He was polite and respectful.
    A true professional.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Driscoll was thorough in his questioning and what I believe is apparent fairness as described by my husband. We are not sure it was approved yet and we will wait for his decision. My husband was very confused about himself yet the judge allowed my husband to try and compose himself many times during the hearing. No matter how the decision turns out my husband said the man was doing his job the best he can do. Our attorney said he believed the case was approved. We can only wait to find out if it actually was. God bless these judges that have to make these very difficult decisions regardless of how they rule.

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