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  1. Eric Fernung says:

    Hes a CUNT waste im deaf,dumb,blind i was welder/fabricator for 35+ years and this dick says no more welding go push a broom. FUQ FCKHEAD i was denied what ive paid for my whole working career. What a waste.

  2. Karena Phillippo says:

    Today I have to start my disability all over from beginning. I had been denied a few times now and now I have to start all over again it’s not fair I use to been able to work work work and now I can not because of chronic back pain and raynauds that are painful to my hands and fingers I can not touch cold stuff everything linked to fibromyalgia I live with daily and it’s a horrible life painful deep bone pains and so much more I cry because I can not do things I use to do even clean my own home I can not .I use to work heck I even have enough work credits that should say yeah she did .I’m sad depressed I can’t do things like before stand it sit long my back can’t. High anxiety of leaving my home. Anxiety of thought of being around people in the world I can’t handle it. I don’t like having to go to Doctors and why I see doctors and why they give me pills for to try to help with my issues and it’s to only help cope it’s not a fix nothing is. Judge Daniel denied me with having all these issues how can I do what I use to cna when I have chronic back pain and raynauds and memories issues fibromyalgia fog cold stuff I can’t or should protect my fingers from coldness so doing any deli work I use to do I cant because of everything has to be kept cold or frozen. Chronic back I can’t stand long I can’t lift a human to help go to the toilet or to bed as that’s what cna does. How is this right how is this able for me to work I can not even shave my legs I can’t lift anything heavy or twist my body because if my back it’s sad its depressing I need my disability to get approved to live I barely live just ok on husband pay I use his Deodorant and hope he help me I depend on him when I should depend on what I worked for all years I use to work I hope to not have this judge again as even lawyer says he done some mistakes but not enough to fight it in federal court now I have to start completely over its depressing having to do so having to fight hard for what I worked for and desperately need it now but cant get it sad so sad I cry and just don’t understand

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very Nice judge he asks almost all questions and his hearings are super short. Get there early.

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