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  1. Bernadine Martin says:

    Danny Pittman has denied me twice I have worked about 30years. First denied he made a decision before more medical records came. Then they tell me I can work with limitations then I hear I can’t work then they I can work. As I deal with since 2010 until this year he denied me again. Medical records and X-rays don’t lie and doctors will not put their jobs on the line to lie. I am a dietbic, depression, insomnia, shoulder needs to be replace knee replacement glacoma, two disc problems in my lower back, can’t sleep on my back. I feel it’s discrimination because I am native Americans/African American. I wasn’t treated fairly and that’s not right or fair I have other medical condition but my records is on file. I been fighting to get my Disabilty since 2010.

  2. Jerry Ballard says:

    This judge did not do his Home work. the court refused to allow me to present evidence I thought important and in the letter that followed after my day in Court, I was called a liar while my disabilities are fully documented from the military. He chose to use a reference from a Doctor at VA Hospital named Dr. Martin Lauber who lied and falsified my Medical Records and He never mentioned that I said under oath that the Doctor lied and i could prove it.
    In my view, This Judge must get paid by Social Security to deny certain cases. I worked 40 years and paid into Social Security and when I become Disabled? I can’t draw my Social Security because the social Security Administration robes us who are disabled
    I am 80% disabled from VA I have 50% sleeping Disorder and 30% nerve damage from active duty in the Military. I have been to 4 Physical Rehabs and over 3000 pages of medical records. The fact is I did not get my Disability because I am white and not Hispanic. Social Security you are crooks and i bet you pay an incentive to judges who deny cases too but that is my view and my right to hold it. my social security goes to social Security unions for their trips not to those who need it

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is the worst alu judge I know he denied me cause I visit my dad and go to church he reasons other then that were lies said I had surgery I never did claimed I made statements that werent true and attacked my character waiting for appeals decision to take case to federal court

  4. Anonymous says:

    This so called Judge ( puppet ) is
    Put in a position to do the right thing
    And completely and utterly failed us.
    Looking over his ruling with our Newley
    Hired attorney I’m completely beside
    Myself, that his ruling was unfavorable.
    He left out so much! If I were to do my
    Job like he did for us we would be in the
    Soup line. I do find solace in the fact
    That every knee shall bow. And everyone
    Will give an account for the things they’ve
    Done and in this case haven’t done.

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