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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve spoken with this ALJ twice now and both times he was very polite and understanding and didn’t mock or belittle me or my situation. Because I had to represent myself and had no lawyer, he made sure I understood what was going on the entire time. As another person said…I was almost in tears because this stranger was sympathetic, understanding, but still just a good guy who clearly cares about his work and does the right thing. Even if my decision isn’t favorable, he was very respectful and kind and just…honestly? Pretty good.

  2. Tiffany DANIEL says:

    I had a hearing today over the phone and this Judge was very respectful and listens very well about your situation. I don’t know what my answer is yet but he Absolutely was very nice to me. Thanks Judge

  3. Mark says:

    I’m writing this *before* knowing the result of the hearing instead of just 5-stars because a decision was favored. I’ve been in pretty bad mental shape, and two years of expecting a functional capacity argument, come to find I qualified for a listing. I’ve been in such bad shape I was nearly hospitalized shortly before and after the hearing. I wanted to crawl under a rock and die during the meeting. But Hamner unexpectedly listened carefully to everything, even took into account things my representative advised I try avoiding which I knew wouldn’t be possible. But overall it felt like he made his decision before I walked in.

    > He clearly studied my case extensively. It made me understand why the process took so long. I was hopelessly broken to the point even though the hearing went unexpectedly, extremely well, I, a 30-something man, exploded in tears. I needed my attorney to hold my hand and help me out of the hearing office. For my safety and safety of the security officers working at the building, she then escorted me off the premises and made sure I had an emergency meeting with my therapist. I’ve had recurring nightmares about the hearing for 8 days; it seems the experience left me emotionally traumatized. Mind, this is after a *good* hearing.

    > So, despite the sheer hopeless impossibility of making me feel better, Hamner patiently did his best to make me feel as comfortable, understood, and welcome as possible. If anything, his kind treatment was wise and might’ve saved lives that day. I understand there’s a lot of pressure from the top to deny cases these past few years, and I hope his decisions are made with the utmost integrity and logical thought processes so he can continue serving as an ALJ.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He asks most of the questions. He asks in a way that sounds sarcastic or like he doesn’t believe the answer. But he is very nice and properly applied a Grid from the Bench, so I am happy.

  5. Beverly Moncrief says:

    I was apprehensive and feeling defeated when I walked into the courtroom. Judge Hamner had declined me on my first hearing and the Board of Reviews sent me back on a remand for a second hearing. This second hearing was in the middle of the afternoon and the closed-circuit medical specialist had been heavily batting against me. I had 400+ pages of medical documentation to support my medical maladies. I was certainly disabled. Judge Hamner with his quiet demeanor listened patiently and at last he said he had heard enough and gave me a favorable decision. God bless you Judge Hamner! I have been vindicated. I grasped my walker and stumbled out. Thank you Fort Worth Tarrant County for recognizing the unmistakable dignified quality demonstrated by Mr.Hamner,and allowing him to bring forth justice to those who deserve it.

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