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  1. Josh Lyle says:

    Worst Judge ever, not only did he make a comment saying he is trying to believe me but the negative glares I didnt care for either. Then the lies, oh yes, so you write on my denial that you advised me of no attorney present and that I wanted to represent myself, LIES, I had an attorney there who was a complete joke didnt know anything about my case asking me questions about an abscess in my ear when it was in my intestines then quit after the hearing. I had an attorney there though yet in judges words I didnt have one then and you took the vocational expert word for word on her testimony never writing your own words as to why you denied me. I had a picc line had numerous surgeries with crohns and PTSD and seizures. You denied me in 2015 then I almost died due to my crohns then I get disability because I sent paperwork myself to SSI and not my lawyer Jeff Levine who did nothing, then all of a sudden I have a court case nobody knows what’s going on, I get 3 phone calls from SSI admins asking me questions why they have my paperwork etc. Backwards system and none of you people care about us who are really sick. I almost died several times through 2016 2017 but your denial in 2015 could have changed that outcome…at 1 point I stood up and almost walked out during the trial because judge was rude called me a liar without saying the word then my lawyer didnt know anything about my case had his secretary call me on my way there to make sure I was coming then I get there my lawyer wants me to drop my case then vocational expert does not know my disabilities or the fact i have 0 immune system but states many jobs from what data she collected that info from i have no idea as the jobs she stated are not even open or are they even in my area or surrounding areas….I check online for jobs is how i know then for judge to say I want to believe you like I’m lying, I have seizures PTSD crohns pnes, you think I can remember exact details I try to repeat as honestly as possible. Worst trial I ever was apart of, made me feel pretty ****** knowing these people are lazy at their jobs do not care how sick you are or all the procedures surgeries hospitalizations yet they sit there looking at you like your trash. Well buddy I’m not trash and your vocational expert gets her data from nowhere and my lawyer Jeff Levine didnt even know a **** thing about my case!!! How is that a fair trial? Or the fact you wrote on my denial I represented myself and you advised me which was lies and bullshit! If I knew who to contact to investigate my case I would but then again you all work together so it wouldn’t matter huh. If you get this guy better be prepared to lose because this was a joke….Pretty sad disabled folks has to go through their illnesses which are lifelong and come to an unfair biased trial like mine. I hope karma finds you all and 1 day you will see what it’s like to live in my shoes for 1 day.

  2. Jack says:

    Have a heart condition nerve damage ptsd tbi bipolar with events….im a veteran this judge treated me like crap and did not take my evidence in consideration I think he discriminated and I’m in process see what I can do against him because of this I’m dying and this jackass denied me…
    He is unfair does not do his job right at all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge David Ettinger was fair & caring at my hearing. I do not know the outcome of my case but I can honestly say no matter how it turns out he was thorough & compassionate.

  4. Charlene says:

    Although Judge Ettinger probably thinks he is doing his best to apply the rules to the evidence, his disposition and behavior is insulting and rude to Claimant’s representatives. A number of representatives I know refuse to practice before him. If one of their clients’ cases is assigned to this judge, the representative withdraws. Life is too short to take abuse from this ALJ.

  5. BillyBob says:

    Had my hearing in July. Still waiting…

    It’s rediculous that the hearing took :45 and he still hasn’t made a determination!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge David Ettinger distributes justice with knowledge and compassion. Don’t go in front of him unless you are truly disabled. I know this from a recent personal experience. Their needs to be more men like him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    you are getting a big retirement check and free medical at the VA. You don’t need this money

  8. Neil Rogers says:

    I had a hearing in front of ALJ Ettinger on 14 June 2012, my medical condition CONSTRICTIVE BRONCHIOLITS which is the condition I was disability retired after 21 years of active duty Army service, with 4 12 month combat deployments, 2 in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. My first deployment I was exposed to Sulfur gas over a 4 week time period. This is the cause of my CB, it was diagnosed by an open lung biopsy at Vanderbilt. During my hearing and contact with my lawyer I was not informed that CB had been added to the COMPASSIONATE ALLOWANCES list, in April 2012 as one of 52 new rare serious conditions by the Commissioner. These would take effect 11 Aug 2012. My appeal was denied several weeks later for a long list of reasons that did not pertain to CB. Surely the Judge would of known about these new conditions added to the Compassionate Allowances list, so why was I denied, CB is incurable, untreatable and progressive. This was proven by evidence provided. Is this because the judge did not know even though he is the expert, if he did know according the SSA website says it is an almost guarantee that you will be approved. So I am confused why something so important was not addressed.

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