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  1. Donald F. Levleit says:

    I am trying to contact the lawyer that handle my mother’s will. It was signed David Mason Jr. Thank you Donald Levleit

  2. Michelle says:

    I went before Judge David Mason Jr on May 27th 2016. As I stated in my last review my Attorney and I had all of the documents including X-Rays, Mri’s, doctors notes, ALL the forms that SSD requested from my doctors and after the hearing the Judge sent me for a mental and medical exam paid for by Social Security. My attorney told me that the medical exam from Social Security looked like the doctor agreed with my doctor and that I couldn’t work. The SSD mental exam was done by psychologist, it took maybe 25 to 30 minutes. The mental exam wasn’t as strong as the psychiatrist’s whom I’ve been seeing every 2 months for the last 7 yrs. My Attorney told me that Judge Mason Jr received everything on his desk around Aug 17th 2016. In my last review I had wrote that the judge had no remorse. I meant compassion, he was tough and seemed angry. From his statements about my Dad’s suicide, to how many FB friends I have ( which I took a guess, I was so scared) to how much money I had received and how much I gave my son out of my inheritance. My Attorney had said he had never witnessed a Judge act like that and that I’m able to have as much money as I want. I was told at least 10 days ago that the Judge has requested a Supplemental Hearing and that the Judge hadn’t stated why. I was told that he has to give a reason why and until he does we just have to wait and then be set up for another Hearing. So we have to wait even longer. I had a breakdown in front of this Judge, it was horrible. I’m so confused as to why we have to have another hearing and why the Judge isn’t putting in a request as to why and getting the Date set. My stomach is a mess, I can’t sleep and my psychiatrist has made one of my meds stronger and my mind is swirling. I’m worried that I might puke in the courtroom, this Judge scared me. I hope this Judge will make a decision soon. I started working making around $400 to $500 a month, I have pain so i’m unable to work, I’m not sure how long I can go. I don’t want to spend the money that my Father left me but I’m slowly using it up. I’m so scared to go before this Judge again ALL of this. I’ve worked since the age of 16, I’m 46 now and I’ve always judged people who I found out receive SSI. I’m eligible for SSD and it’s been a nightmare trying to get approved. I just hope he approves me soon. Feeling scared since I met this Judge and even more nervous to know that I have to wait and go before him again. 10-28-2016

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m doing this review as I wait for my decision. I met Judge David Mason Jr while waiting for my hearing with my attorney, he walked into our waiting room and informed us that he was running about 10 minutes behind. He had a nice smile and was in great shape. It was nice of him to come out and tell us himself.
    My 1st memories of my knee defect was at age 9, my 1st surgery at age 12, my next surgery was at age 41. I have been diagnosed with a R Knee Osteochondral Defect, Osteoarthritis, R hip and severe back thigh pain. It is a disease that as you age the knee becomes bone on bone and that’s where I’m at, in severe pain when I walk and pain in my back thigh butt area when I sit. The only surgery I was told is a osteochondral allograph transplantation to fill in the large defect, which involves receiving part of a femur from a cadaver, but due to my age it is not recommended and because I’m 45 yrs old I should wait until I’m closer to 50 and hopefully technology will have advanced. I have went to PT around every other week for about 20 months and now I’m able to do the exercises at home and my husband helps with the hands on . I see my medical doctor every 3 months for the last few years and he filled out the forms that SSD requested and from his answers I’m unable to work. I’ve paid into social security since 1986. I worked very hard for many years to make sure the mortgage was paid and raising my 1 and only child who has became much more then a mother could ever dream of.
    I’m being treated for anxiety and severe depression along with possible bi polar, I started therapy with a psychiatrist in 2009 and as the years went on, I’ve tried many different medications. I go to my psychiatrist every 2 months for my medication and have documentation of this, which I’m embarrassed about. After almost 13 years of my FT job I was terminated in 2012 after a return to work of only 7 weeks from my knee surgery, I was having a hard time getting around and it was noticeable, so they found a reason and let me go. That’s how I feel about it. In April of 2015 I started to feel suicidal and was put on more medication which has made it even harder to get around, stay awake and concentrate. My Psychiatrist filled out the forms for Social Security stating all of this and from his answers I’m unable to work.
    When the hearing started the Judge was TOUGH, HARD, and seemed mean, I cried so hard due to the memories of my Mother’s death and then the memories of trying to take care of my Father and trying to get him out of his severe depression, plus working, while in severe pain myself all of those years and the realization that here I was in court asking, pleading for disability, I almost got sick. The memories of finding my Father’s lifeless body due to suicide in the same spot my Mother died in their home 5 years previous due to cancer was horrific but the ALJ judge showed no remorse for any of my memories or disabilities. He was TOUGH!
    The ONLY reason I’m giving him 5 stars is due to the FACT that this Judge is For The People of this Country and to know that he treats people like this is a hard thing to swallow but good to know that the system isn’t weak, this man-Judge is TOUGH… I just hope he looks at all my documentation and even though I have a ton of medical records, X-rays, MRI’s, and regular treatments, exams, and proof from treating doctors this Judge STILL had me go to a Mental and Medical Exam after the hearing. Now I just have to wait for his decision.

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