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  1. Yon says:

    In August 2017, Judge David B Daugherty was sentenced to four years in prison for crimes related to granting so many fraudulent claims in return for bribes paid by a lawyer named Eric Christopher Conn. Most people in Southern WV and Eastern KY already know this, but since this site had no information about it, it would be sad to think a visitor might be impressed by former Judge Daugherty’s claim stats.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, this judge is a pig!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i need help my step sister o.d. 8 or 10 years ago in and my mother and ex brother in law used my name instead of hers because she was on parole afraid she would get in trouble. well she was in i c u on kidney dailass’s bad shape i told the icu nurse who she was and who i was when i got there, well kings daughters did sign her up on ssi then but she didn’t get it. but when she gets out of the hospital they made her a kidney doctor appointment, well now i get sick and signed up 2 years ago social security is investigating me for faude saying i went to the kidney doctor for my step sister to help her get her ssi i have nothing or never had any thing wrong with my kidneys so how would that help her i don’t know i did not do any of this and they are investigating me when her ex husband works every day in the hills timbering for his brother and draws ssi but they are investigating me i did the right thing and told the icu nurse who she was who i was. why would i risk myself for my step sister we didn’t get along well either theres no way i would i didn’t even talk to her much when she was released like all ways but i need help i don’t want to go to jail for something i am innocent of. and the ex brother in law has been turned in but still gets away and still draws his check and works every day.

  4. tomb of the unknown denied says:

    Bless you Mr. Daugherty sir. It’s uplifting to find a sensible judge who understands the plight of the disabled amongst the other silver-spoon hypocrites who by pure luck were not dealt a bad hand in life.

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