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  1. John Brown says:

    The first above review uses the same exact language as the fourth review, and the second review is from his brother, smell fishy? It should this clown created the “FIT” which is the template all ALJ’s use to deny qualified applicants with illegal boilerplate language. This man surely is responsible for many of the average of 18,000 people who die each year waiting to qualify, and he knows it, and thinks were all just dumb and will never catch on. These are his thoughts given before the Ways and Means Committee. 1. (Your illness) “There are many impairments that, with medical treatment, should not only improve but disappear”. 2. (Actually doing his job) “This high burden of making a legally sufficient denial decision has, in my opinion, adversely affected timeliness and decision making”. 3. (Your right to a federal hearing) “-this rigorous court oversight has unduly influenced policy and complicated decision making”. This guy really see’s Claimants as numbers, things, and there are just too many of us, and he has come up with a solution with finality. He makes over $250.000, plus benefits a year, all of which we pay for, and we don’t even get the decency of a train ride, and gas chamber. Were just left by the side of the road, that we as well payed for, to die miserably. Just read the above comments again and know that obviously he and his brother are behind them. The 14th amendment is nothing more than a piece of toilet paper to him, and we are all nothing more than widgets.

  2. Igor Stravinsky says:

    I have nerve wrecking experience with him too…he spoke in malaphors but wasn’t a bad judge at all. I hear his brother is genius.

  3. John Hatfield says:

    Judge David Hatfield is the best…

  4. Anonymous says:

    A broken clock is right twice a day.

  5. Barbara Santiago says:

    A lot have mentioned to me and my husband bad things about Judge David Hatfield and when we went to the appeal hearing i felt he was a very patient, understanding person. The experience was very nerve wrecking being that all the comments we where told where very negative, but i felt he wasn’t a bad judge at all!!!!

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