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  1. Judge Marcus has literally denied and rejected more cases than the average of his peers year after year for the last 3 years, he also approves disability claims less than his other administrative judge peers again less than them for the last 3 years. Why are we keeping a judge that obviously doesn’t have the capability to understand what is in front of him or doesn’t care. How a judge can say to a ICU and ER RN that she has no factual basis for her PTSD , is beyond me. I guess I should have talked about the crack head who aborted her 4th fetus, or the lady who had half her face bitten off by the judge, or maybe about the critical care patients that were in the unit and 21 bleeding out of every orifice thanks to liver failure and an attempted suicide that was now going to kill her, the blood was going back into the iv lines, or the time I had the lady with the cancer that she had been taking care of an now was coming out of her abdomen, the smell, or the time that I was attacked by a mentally ill patient, or the time I GOT kidney stone surgery without any anesthesia, or the two times that men tried to rape me in college, or the beatings by my father , or the ICU patient that was there for 5 months and just wasted away due to his brain death after a code blue, or the psychological abuse I suffered at the hands of my parents. I not only have PTSD I have CPTSD. I don’t know how this guy can seep at night horrible judge with zero compassion for even a nurse who worked her ass off for over 30 years in the medical field.

  2. judge Marcus worse judge every was completely unfair, didn’t listen to me, made decisions on disability issues I NEVER claimed He took 7 weeks to come to a decision and denied my claim mind you I am an ICU and ER nurse for 20 years and he claimed I had a complete lack of objective medical evidence for my PTSD ,doesn’t read through my records otherwise he wouldn’t have given me a diagnosis that was completely inappropriate without any type of evidence other than what the expert said, there was one entry into my medical records about an issue but that was enough for him to declare and diagnose a condition I wasn’t even claiming. Judge Marcus made me wait 5 months after my lawyers asked for an extension due to records then almost took another 2 months for the decision. I have kidney stones, kidney infections, PTSD and Anxiety , and because he thinks I have dealt with it all my life that my kidney’s aren’t damaged or hurt everyday to the point of suicide, he doesn’t think the cumulative effect of 35 years of pain brain has had no effect . No he completely ignores it and focuses on issues I am not even claiming, like my knees, and carpal tunnel. He never read my records but he read the transcript of the psychological expert and took her side that I don’t have evidence of PTSD. This was the third judge I was in front he was completely unprepared and now I am going to be homeless in a week and taking up prostitution cause at least I can lie down while working cause I can’t work , he is trying to get blood from a stone and I WILL KILL MYSELF before I work again, I can guarantee that . It would have been okay if a woman made this decision , but a man with only law as his area of study has no place deciding my fate for disability. I am appealing and if I am denied I am starting a new case and going back farther to 2015 into my claim, and will win more money. Maybe if they see the 5 suicide attempts they will understand the gravity of my situation and care for once, I spent over 20 years giving my best care, empathy and focus and attention to my patients, it would be nice if I could have gotten that from the judge. Another man another bad decision, how am I not surprised he is probably a republican and white, I wouldn’t be surprised. He literally named all issues I have all 5 issues as mild or moderate, but combined they make a life not worth living and I will be doing everything to try and end it going forward from here. WAY TO SCREW OVER A RETIRED RN judge, hope you sleep well at night. as always men fall short , real short, and again they are predictable, pathetic and probably divorced and they wonder why society is so angry at them. Judge Marcus literally denies over half of the people who come up in front of him , he is probably proud of that, and its astounding he can sleep at night knowing the absolute pain and anguish that people are experiencing and excerbating it every day by denying people their disability. Worse judge ever the anguish is real and completely takes over my body, I can’t take care of my self, I have nothing to live for I sold everything worth anything just to make it to the date he postponed my case too. I am broken, I have nothing I hope to die soon, it’s just too much. You take away our jobs, then our family, then our community, then deny us care and then you wonder why there is a suicide epidemic and homelessness. Every person you deny for disability like me becomes very susceptible to homelessness will send picture of my tent on skid row when I get it together. Most likely will be raped the first month , I am hoping they kill me while they are at it…one can hope…

  3. Lillie J. Wilson says:

    Judge David G.Marcus is a Very fair & compassionate Judge. Anyone would be as Fortunate as myself to have had him a their Judge

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Marcus is a true gem. He developed the record appropriately, leaving little for the Advocate to do, other than to alter the hypothetical a bit for the VE. I’ve no idea whether we won or not, but I’m confident that we will receive justice.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He is really nice guy and will let you make an argument for your case. Doesnt require an opening or closing but will sometimes ask questions regarding the records.

  6. Anonymous says:

    He is really nice guy and will let you make an argument for your case. Doesnt require an opening or closing but will sometimes ask questions regarding the records.

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