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  1. mark says:

    denied because he said i was deceitful in earnings. after denial i was informed by the IRS i was a victim of identity theft and could now prove income was not mine/ judge wasnt having it and now lost all my credits and i was telling truth. not to mention vocational expert agreed i would be unable to hold job with my back condition and the number of days i would miss. since have lost everything and homeless…awesome thank you for meeting your numbers and calling me a liar. hope you sleep well at night

  2. Yolanda Acker says:

    I have an appeal case for my daughter on file and I beleive the judge will expedite on her behalf…Everyone has different cases and the position of a judge isnt easy. Sometimes we tend to think they dont know what theyre doing but they only base your case on evidence and facts…I have a disabled child and its nit easy doing my job either but I deal with it and dont complain..Noone asks to be born this way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It took the judge 5 months to issue his unfavorable decision. His 28% pay rate tells you everything you need to know. In our case the record was uncontradicted and I had 2 solid “less than sedentary” RFCs from the treating physician to support our allegations of disability. The ALJ totally disregarded the treating physician RFCs, and relied on the outdated opinions of the non-examining State Agency reviewing physicians to support his denial. With no other contradictory opinions from any other examining source, the denial was a clear case of the ALJ substituting his opinions for those of the treating physician, and I will definitely be appealing the decision to the Appeals Council. If you have the unfortunate luck to appear in front of this judge, develop your record for the appeal. No stars because he had no evidence to support his denial, just his slanted opinion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had a hearing with him in October 2014 and as of today– I am still waiting on a decision. Every time I call his office some rude guy named Reggie answers. All he tells me is that the Judge is still deciding my case and that he works at “his own pace.” Really?! In the meantime, I’m sick and on the verge of losing everything. I understand that this is a long process and that checks & balances are important. But at the end of the day this is a broken & corrupt system. SHAME on you, Judge Begley.

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