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  1. Anonymous says:

    This “judge” appears to be a sociopath…seems to have no conscience. He plays “doctor” by making medical decisions that go against what the medical records say. Becoming a lawyer is a common career for sociopaths. This guy needs to step down because he is putting disabled people in a position where they cannot take care of themselves or their families. He needs to become disabled himself and be denied benefits so he can see what it feels like to feel helpless and hopeless.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well like i said i would reply back with my decision he gave me he ruled unfavorable like i figured he would do let me say this when i had my hearing with fromme he did not pay attention to anything i had to say and would put words in my mouth i dident say i suffer from ptsd and depression and social anxiety and just because i represented myself at the hearing he used that against me this judge is curupt and and does not give you a fair chance at winning or even a case period and he even said good luck to me after the hearing i have been trying to get my ssi since 2011 and has had two hearings and let me say out of both of them he was the worst i even had very indetail eveidence from doctors that i could not work this judge is a dieing breed alreight a dieing breed that needs to die already he is heartless and will not give you the time of day and curupt just like alot of other judges in the system heres looking at you you piece of **** heartless idiot i hope you die of a horrible death so you may feel the the pain you cause others to have

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well i had a hearing with fromme in may 2014 and am expected to be getting a decision before to long i will comment back to let ppl know what it was he told me good luck when i left so we will see if that meant anything

  4. Anonymous says:

    Old school and fair. A dying breed in the federal government, someone with common sense and the tenacity to use it.

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