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  1. Roberta Davis says:

    Judge I would like to Thank you for the out come of my case and being so cool during my hearing. You were better to me than anyone who was involved in my case, which took seven years to be done, thanks to you. I want you to know No harm no foul-I’m referring to the mistaking health condition added to my court papers, which you corrected. Thank you again!

  2. Marty says:

    Ive had alj gatto for 2 separate hearings now. Denied first time because of my age, 46. Denied at 2nd hearing at age 52 with multiple disabling illnesses including 3 heart attacks, 1 which happened after gatto said i could still work, MDD,ptsd,major anxiety disorder, and back and neck disc problems with evidence from 3 separate Dr’s from the v.a. Saying I was unable to work. Gatto said my Dr’s weren’t credible and dismissed their evidence. Also, what i said at my hearing got completely turned around making me look like lying fool. And to top it all off, hearing was mid September, didn’t get denial letter until mid February. Very disappointed at the whole system.

  3. Vegas Dad says:

    He was fair and was easy to talk to. He listened to the VE’s testimony and mine. I was approved partially favorable at 6 weeks via mail. My condition is not an easy one to get approved for and was prepared to lose. I really feel that he took the time to review my records and while yes he gave me a favorable verdict, I still would give him 4 stars as he was kind and fast.

  4. Richard Wening says:

    It is my concern that the standards provided by Social Security to the administrators are biased towards applicants who have ready access to medical services. I’m sure this was not the intent, but it is the reality.

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