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  1. Mendy West says:

    This afternoon I realize that you are a man of honor. I shall not disrespect that. I am appreciative of your time. Thank you. Mendy West

  2. Mendy Dee West says:

    I was wondering were we approved. I was pretty sure I. Thanks

  3. Alan Nussbaum says:

    He is one of the highest paying Judges in Little Rock

  4. Anonymous says:

    This Judge didn’t hear Kevin McReynold’s case and his lawyer was not involved with travelgate nor is he related to the Nussbaum who handled his case.This Judge does pay an individual whom he believes is disabled under the rules he is required to follow.He is also polite.

  5. ConcernedCitizen says:

    I know this person who posted the above comment about being homeless. His name is Kevin McBurnett. He lost part of his vision when Cheryl Harris throw a brick at him and she called the police and Kevin when to jail. You know a prisoner is suppose to have rights even in Little Rock, Arkansas. Eventually Kevin is taken to UAMS eye center where a doctor is to save this eye. During the surgery Kevin wakes up and the doctor cuts his eye which causes Kevin to loss his eyesight completely. Kevin is taken back to jail. Once Kevin is out the guard who was from the jail and was in the surgery saw everything. He calls Kevin once he is out of surgery and tells him his cousin is an attorney. He also told Kevin he saw everything and that he was not given enough anesthesia during the surgery and that is why he woke up while the doctor was cutting on his eye. So Kevin goes to this guards cousin who is an attorney. The attorney gets the medical records of this surgery at UAMS or that is what Kevin is told. Months and months go by and Kevin is told by this attorney he is working on the case. The attorney moves his office and Kevin is told the attorney has lost the records. Oh really? I think maybe he cut a deal with the eye doctor and his attorney! The eye doctor was head of the eye unit at UAMS and suddenly he has left that post and has gone back to his country. Now Nussbaum the attorney handles Kevin’s disability case and Judge Moody is the judge. You know Nussbaum from travelgate and Judge Moody who married Vince Foster’s widow? Of course Kevin is turned down for disability. Kevin has less than 30% vision in his so called “good eye.” Totally blind in the other. Under the United States Social Security disability rule Kevin does not need an attorney or judge to decide his case. A legally blind person is qualified for disability. So, why does Kevin have to keep going to court for disability? Kevin was abused by his father, William O. McBurnett. He was beat without mercy and Kevin’s mother could not do anything about this as she was beat herself. Kevin begin drinking at ten years old to help him deal with this abuse. He has been in and out of rehabs because of this. Kevin’s problems started as a child where he was suppose to be loved and protected. He was not. So, now as an homeless adult he continues to be abused by society. Kevin needs the his social security benefit to get off the streets. You arrogant judges deny him his benefit that he worked and paid into the system? LAWDAWG JUDICAL WATCH

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a hearing coming up soon with this judge. I see that a total of 61% of his cases are unapproved. I am so scared. I am at the library now. I am homeless and have the flu I have had for over two weeks. I went to UAMS and was told they do not take Medicaid patients. I am so depressed that I just really want to die. I don’t want to be a burden or a begger but everywhere I go I am treated like an outcast. I quess because that is what I have become. Please pray for me that God will have mercy if I make it to the hearing with this judge. I have no attorney to represent me as I am homeless. If I had disability I could go to the doctor, have a place to live, and take a bath and be clean. I know that’s why I am hated. I am not completely stupid.

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