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  1. Anonymously Written says:

    Does not appear to be neither a thorough nor honest ALJ.

  2. AB says:

    The alj went through a lot of information and evidence and records that so-called experts didn’t bother to though 5 had gone through the documentation/he was misled by these fake experts that didn’t really do their job and faked on their responsibility – before the hearing but based on my testimony he realized he’d been fooled by these people and did a lot of research on the records himself/many records had been filed which doctors had never reviewed-and he disagreed with the doctors and entered a fully favorable decision with findings of fact-the previous review somehow had five stars at it anyways and here would be five stars-since the hearing officer overruled the doctors that had not done their jobs! Conducted a full investigation.

  3. Mark says:

    My son had this judge. True he was abrupt but realize how many cases these judges go through. He asked a few questions and then when the VE said no jobs, he said we are off the record. These judges I believe know more or less how they are going to rule when they begin. Verdict – fully favorable and my son is under the age of 40. He is 37. Thank you judge. So hard to watch my son go through this

  4. Arvind Balu says:

    I think this judge is charlatan and a con artist and a fake he never read my medical records and I need to go to district Court about him-he appointed a doctor that never interviewed me and never read about my asthma and started making up a record about work that I can’t do though I would love to be able to make that kind of money trucking or other physical jobs I see the men and how they do well in Oakland–but my bronchial asthma is in the record for 30 years and it’s not a choice and it’s not just a matter of exposure to certain work environments and this guy started making up questions to cover everything that way well maybe there’s a work environment without those pollutants without ever finding out from the record what type of disease did I have did I live with it everyday taking steroids was it something that was triggered by absolutely nothing or even dust or pollen or particles was it something that gave me difficulty half the time was it a serious disability regardless of the workplace or specific clean room or wherever-this guy is not honest he never read the records and he’s making up asthma related questions to try to suggest in the record and make up a conclusion that will The vocational specialist who never read the records either or talk to me or listen to what I just said on the record for the last hour thinks that there could be environments without pollutants! And I said I think this is a sham and farce-he decided to disconnect on me without first telling me to be quiet or mute me he said I would just not be quiet when he talked to the guy and he ended the hearing for me and I said he’s a con artist because he is the federal government is totally corrupt to have somebody like this he never read all those years of medical records and neither did the doctor he appointed and he started just adjusting questions to make it sound good like okay the guy has asthma could he work in certain environments without certain particles or pesticides are particulates as if he knew exactly what triggered it and more importantly as if he knew whether I had it the moment I woke up in my bedroom which I do half the time I came to walk out of my house because I have to treat my asthma and it’s not funny it’s a disability and that’s why I’ve been getting those benefits and I have to live with this and it’s not something being made up today and it’s really offensive that people don’t read the records and accept what these people go through that have these conditions when they’re medically documented is having peak flow of two or 300 when it’s there in decades of medical documents you should respect that person and not pretend this is a game or a joke you should I’ve read the records and respect the complexity of the situation and what that carries that’s what the vocational doctor is supposed to be for this is a fraud and that’s what the hearing officer supposed to be for to read those things and not just try to make up scenarios without respect for the reality because nobody should be talking about that kind of thing for the first time during the hearing it is a personal topic and it is not something that people are happy about but it is very disrespectful to make somebody argue their condition for the first time to Nova and as if it’s just a verbal argument and let’s try to make up scenarios around that without knowing what it is I feel so violated I gave them my medical records it makes somebody feel really badly about the condition they have and they were just trying to find out if there are things people with mental health conditions can do and these are really bad people working in the federal government they’re frauds they’re dishonest and this hearing officer is a dishonest man that just makes up stuff as he goes along never did his homework he didn’t even know about the condition he just glance over everything he never even listened to what I was saying and it’s all in the records and it’s something sad to go over but it’s all very much understood by the California department of educational rehabilitation it’s understood by 15 years of doctors-happily told them I would be able to run a business online I have to work from a computer I have this breathing condition and it’s not something I’m just making up I feel so offended and I feel so belittled and reduced to a cripple by the way this person had me keep on repeat this physical disability I have in addition to the mental health issues and they’re well documented you can’t fake the wheezing and you can’t fake all that in the hospital you can’t fake all that in the ambulance and these people were just trying to weave a story around it as if he knew everything that triggered it or as if he knew whether it was something that I had to maintain with steroids even in my home even in my bedroom even with filters even without outside influence-he heard it for the first time he just started making up scenarios so he could put fake rulings on the record and this is the kind of guy that is not fair and impartial and this is shameful that the federal government has people like this charlatan doctor like the guy in Arizona and basically a biased hearing administrator that that absolutely has not read the records because asthma is a complex condition and not everybody’s situation is the same and not everybody has asthma triggered by the same thing and people may have mild or people have you have serious people may have asthma where it wakes them up in the night regardless of how clean and filter their room is where they have difficulty ambulating I’m not proud of it I’m an athlete I’m a strong person I would love to make $200,000 you’re driving trucks but it’s something that I struggle with where I can always go for a walk I can’t always move around my home and I said all this and the guy says looking for a way to make arguments around me which shows he’s not an impartial person at all cuz he can’t honestly say he read the records he can’t honestly say that those hypothetical questions cover all situations that people would rock your asthma those only cover people who have certain triggers in certain workplaces and he doesn’t know that and it’s all just a completely bogus thing, considering the guy that he appointed NEVER TALKED TO ME OR READ THE HEALTH RECORDS! This guy was hired by the federal government to be out of hearing that took 5 years to get to having to do with Federal benefits and vocational capabilities yeah he never interviewed me before the hearing and he never read any medical records he was talking about mental health and skipping the part about physical health and then the hearing officer was just making stuff up talking and hypotheticals but talking about me/as in the subject could he hypothetically work in a place with pollutants or chemicals rather if the place didn’t have pollutants and chemicals I mean just making stuff up because that’s not the limit of the asthma condition this is a fraudulent doctor that works for the government always object to him if he’s at a hearing-he doesn’t do his research because any doctor would have to look at what is that asthma based on and the hearing officer is a con artist named La Barre and he did not listen to what Dr Bluth said which is that I would need a special work environment but they’re not providing that they’re just saying stuff like that-and that crooked hearing officer never read those records and doesn’t admit to it on the record thought I was just saying this today at the last minute but there’s over 30 years of records-and the condition got so bad that I got an ambulance I almost lost my life the guy kind of snickered when I said that that’s not that funny-it’s called a nervous laugh of somebody with no conscience-I’ve been in the ambulance several times from my home because my asthma meds expire they run out but they don’t work well enough and it’s a very serious condition that’s in the medical records for years and it’s not made up it’s since I was a child and it’s in the health center at Berkeley and it’s been going on through the institutions you can’t fake a peep flow you can’t fake some of these things they check in the ambulance they check in the hospital and this guy never presented this to the hearing officer who is a total crook that only asked those questions once I brought it up and it’s not just me saying it and it’s not something where he could just ask about exposure to chemicals and toxins and pollutants and particles in the workplace because asthma is not that simple/lowered it my medical records say I have allergic asthma only on a pawn exposure to certain chemicals in the workplace it doesn’t say that anywhere/the hearing officer was a total scammer that is basically pretending to be inquiring about that to lay a record of well there’s workplaces without pollutants that cause asthma that he could work at when he doesn’t even understand the physiology of asthma the disease itself nor does he understand how that disease pertain to me is it a day to day thing do I take steroids every day does it occur in my home yes it does does it occur outdoors from pollen yes from smoke from bugs lost from automobiles yes from dust yes from allergies yes from industrial settings I’m sure- but is it SOMETHING THAT I LIVE WITH EVERYDAY WHERE I HAVE TROUBLE WALKING DOWN THE STREET REGARDLESS OF BEING IN A FACILITY THAT HAS THESE CHEMICALS-NEVER CHECK THE PEEP FLOW RECORDS HE NEVER CHECKED ANY MEDICAL RECORDS THIS DOCTOR NOR DID THE HEARING PERSON AND HE WAS TRYING TO PRETEND HE’S INQUIRING ABOUT THAT COULDN’T ASTHMATIC WORK HERE SAFELY EVERYBODY’S ASTHMA IS DIFFERENT AND IF YOU CAN’T EVEN GET DOWN THE STREET TO THE BUS HOW CAN YOU GET TO THAT WORKSITE? THIS IS ACTUAL REALITY THAT’S HOW SAD AND FAKE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS AND THAT’S HOW FAKE THIS CONTRACTOR IS!


  5. Anonymous says:

    This judge cherry-picked through evidence, seems to have made up his mind before I opened my mouth; or as my lawyer put it, “SOMEONE didn’t have their coffee this morning..”. My lawyer and my therapist were shocked when he issued his denial, as I even had an SSA contracted psych eval along with heaps of notes from multiple doctors and clinic detailing a marked prognosis. Appealing to him felt like pleading to a brick wall for mercy and understanding. It’s all rigged, and now there’s no way for me to pay back all the general assistance issued by the county. I’m a month away from homelessness and my storage unit is about to be auctioned off. If you’re under 40, get used to the idea of working until you die.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think this judge is very inconsiderate person in making decisions he is not a good judge it took him 8 months to write up a decision he did not know my pain and what I go through everyday of my life I loved my job challenging but very rewarding I went back to work and tried I didn’t give up but I couldn’t do it anymore but he didn’t see that as I cried and explain to him the pain that I’m in I’m a very honest person I have no reason to be dishonest I love my job and I rather be working than applying for Social Security disability but my disability prevents me from that . Thank you

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