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  1. luke logan says:

    Judge Blume please call me and review my case.

  2. Valerie says:

    Everyone speaks so nice because they are the ones who got approved as for me fighting for 2 years went down the drain again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just want to say, this judge is so kind and fair, I just cant say enough about him, I don’t know how the claim turned out right now, but just a very good judge, and person. SSA is lucky to have Judge Blume.

  4. Edward Hawkins says:

    I feel its important to look at all aspects of a case. in my case i feel he listened to what i had to say although noone can ever understand what another person goes through on a daily basis. i have worked the last 18 years for the same company and really wished i could still. i do feel that he tried to understand and looked at all my reports from doctors to try and make a fair decsion. i have not found out what that is but he did ask questions and i did my best to answer them. he also ask the vocational specialist questions, so i would say he was fair in the way he handled my appointment. ive been more upset with the ssi doctors that ive had to go see, i feel they need to be looked into because you see them for a couple minutes and for me they didnt even know what was wrong or why i was there, the doctor thought because i was missing parts of four fingers that was the reason, even though my body was jerking uncontrollably and thats why i was there. i did tell this to the judge and he was very kind about letting me know i would not be judged that way in his office, so i would just like to thank him no matter what his descion is at least he was kind to me and listened to all i had to say. so again thank you for that.

  5. Vinod K Jain says:

    Very Learned, well studied all the Disability Laws.
    But more importantly apply these laws in right perspective in positive manner.

  6. Vickie Noyes says:

    Although I do not know the outcome of my hearing, I am appreciative of being able to have a fair hearing. I felt Judge Blume fully listened to me, put me at ease as he saw how nervous I was. I felt respected and valued for my years of work. No matter the outcome I can honestly say that I had a fair hearing and was able to present all of my difficulties and struggles with employment.

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