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  1. Stacie says:

    Judge David Peeples was very nice & made me feel very comfortable. I felt like there were so many things I forgot and couldn’t remember a lot of things that’s hard to think of on the spot in a short amount of time that I remembered after getting home that probably would have been helpful. Regardless I think that he is a good man & will make a fair decision. I may not remember a lot of things but can still judge character pretty well.
    He’s a good egg, don’t stress.

  2. Chet Peeples says:

    Any questions about David Peeples – ask his older brother, me. He is biased and unethical. I feel for anyone in his court.
    Chet Peeples

  3. Waltisha Fleming says:

    I had hearing with Judge Peeples. He was friendly and very thorough. He smiled every now and then and even though I misunderstood a couple questions he remained patient. I have not received a decision yet nevertheless I believe he will be fair to the requirements he has to go by. If I’m denied I will just see my next options. For the most part he did his job he even questioned the vocational rehab representative on my behalf. Doesn’t mean I will be approved but at least he was listening and felt it was questionable.

  4. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion this judge is biased against some people who file claims. My claim was denied and he did not review all of my medical records. A form was sent to a person I know to fill out about their knowledge of my conditions. He said it carried no weight as they were not a doctor. The form did not say it was to be filled out by a doctor. He also said what my doctor wrote down carried no weight only what social security commissioner carried weight. What good would it do anyway to send in records when he ignores what they say?

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