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  1. Sarah Sue Virgin says:

    Forgot to finish by saying, I pray Judge Peebles sees this post before he made a decision. We couldn’t send him the surgeons report because he had already made a decision on my case.

  2. Sarah Sue Virgin says:

    I went to see Dr. Stringe, a surgeon at the Orthopedic Spine Institute in Paducah, KY. It wasn’t good news at all. I am scheduled for surgery on July 31st. The doctor that did my last surgery really messed me up in my neck. I have plates screws and rods in my neck from my C5 thru C7. The screws are not attached to anything in my neck. nothing is as it should be. He also stated the screws are right beside my main arties and he could almost feel one screw coming through the other side of my neck. They look to be 2 or 3 inches long and are just moving around everywhere. The surgeon said ” He didn’t know what my last surgeon was thinking when he done my previous surgery. He is going in and repairing all the damage done, and I have to wear a neck brace for 6 to 8 weeks after. This surgery will be worse than the last and he has to cut the back of my neck on the same incision and add about an inch more cutting to work on my neck and put bone back in where there is nothing from where the last surgeon took out and remove all the hardware and repair that area also. When I heal from this surgery then Dr. Stringe will go thru the front of my neck to repair my C3 and C4 areas. I am so scared to have this surgery due to the fact it was so hard on me in May 2021. Prayers needed for me and for the doctor performing the surgery. I am 58 years old and can’t enjoy my life as I should be able to. I was very active, loved fishing, playing ball with my grandkids, hiking, bear hunting in WV. and much more of my life has changed due to my neck and physical condition and my mental state having to live in moderate to severe pain daily, falling a lot, headaches and other health issues. Thanks everyone for listening. Wishing the best for everyone.

  3. Sarah Virgin says:

    Judge Peebles is the Judge that heard my case for Disability. He was very nice and I feel he listened to me when asked questions. I’m not sure how my case will turn out but I pray I get approved soon or I will lose everything. This is my 3rd time applying and unable to work. If my neck would let me work I would have never applied for disability. I am looking at another surgery I see my surgeon on July 11th. It scares me to have the surgery but I can’t take the pain I endure daily. I pray for God to handle my case in the way he feels it should be. Thank you Judge Peebles for hearing my case.

  4. Stacie says:

    Judge David Peeples was very nice & made me feel very comfortable. I felt like there were so many things I forgot and couldn’t remember a lot of things that’s hard to think of on the spot in a short amount of time that I remembered after getting home that probably would have been helpful. Regardless I think that he is a good man & will make a fair decision. I may not remember a lot of things but can still judge character pretty well.
    He’s a good egg, don’t stress.

  5. Chet Peeples says:

    Any questions about David Peeples – ask his older brother, me. He is biased and unethical. I feel for anyone in his court.
    Chet Peeples

  6. Waltisha Fleming says:

    I had hearing with Judge Peeples. He was friendly and very thorough. He smiled every now and then and even though I misunderstood a couple questions he remained patient. I have not received a decision yet nevertheless I believe he will be fair to the requirements he has to go by. If I’m denied I will just see my next options. For the most part he did his job he even questioned the vocational rehab representative on my behalf. Doesn’t mean I will be approved but at least he was listening and felt it was questionable.

  7. Anonymous says:

    In my opinion this judge is biased against some people who file claims. My claim was denied and he did not review all of my medical records. A form was sent to a person I know to fill out about their knowledge of my conditions. He said it carried no weight as they were not a doctor. The form did not say it was to be filled out by a doctor. He also said what my doctor wrote down carried no weight only what social security commissioner carried weight. What good would it do anyway to send in records when he ignores what they say?

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