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  1. Deperessed says:

    David is not a judge. He is a piece of shit garbage human being. I cried my eyes out during my hearing. Told him my life was on the line. David DID NOT ask me about my past trauma’s that caused my PTSD and severe depression. But David did have the nerve to call my therapist who provided a medical statement report on my behalf, a liar. This piece of shit called my therapist a liar. THAT is why he is not a Judge in my eyes. David R Bruce is not a Judge he is a piece of shit

    My therapist is he only person who knows my history and what brought me to the point of asking the government for help. The post denial sessions with my therapist have been some of the hardest ever.

    David is NOT a licensed therapist or psychiatrist. Who the hell gave him the right to mentally diagnose me and say I am fine. That my therapist is a liar. Then deny me the help I waited 2 years for.

    Hell yes I am pissed off. I cannot help it, anger issues are a part of my PTSD.

    Do you have any idea how shitty it is to be in therapy after David denied me. Then my Appeal of his decision was a rejection, refusal from the SS office to give me a new hearing in person. Or to re-visit the same judge, anything. Just straight denial. But to be in therapy after everything I tried failed. To have my therapist start to try and coach me toward getting a job of some sort again. Only after weeks of sessions for us to hit this moment that I can barely explain it all to you. But as I am in tears about certain things again my therapist goes “It sounds like you aren’t ready to start a job” for me to say back to her “thats why I applied for disability” the whole situation sucks.

    Mental health care in this country sucks. This person David Bruce pretending to give a damn about anyone just to ignore someone crying for their life over the phone in the hearing with him. Like I really don’t know what else to say but fuck everything and especially FUCK DAVID R BRUCE.

  2. Dawn Coy says:

    He also denied my case. I have lupus and many other problems, but what hurt me was when I heard snickering when it came to my weight. All the things that are wrong with me and they’re telling me that I could go back doing to what I used to do. Nothing like a complete stranger to make me feel more worthless than I already am thank you judge! Do you think I enjoy all these things wrong with me do you think I enjoy not being able to do anything? I can’t believe how you went on about my weight that really hurt and how you just said I’m sad about my mom passing away I’m not sad I’m devastated I pray these things that happen to me do not happen to your family members but I’m sure you would approve their disability claim.I knew it wasn’t good news when that love letter came too fast after my hearing.

  3. Hopeless says:

    Still waiting on the denial letter to come in the mail to see why he denied me. Vocational expert and he narrowed it down to 0 jobs. Still got denied. I don’t understand how they can deny you if you can’t do any of the jobs they find for you. Second time this has happened to me. 2 different judges. Makes you want to give up, but if you are truly disabled, you have no other choice, but to try again. I guess I will have to go the federal level. I hope they are more compassionate and empathetic than the state judges. That should take another year or more to wait for a hearing. Not homeless yet, but could be soon. Very hopeless.

  4. Hopeless says:

    Was told he was in the top 2 fair judges. Was heartbroken to see that he denied my case.

  5. Bea says:

    Seems to favor women.

  6. Cindy Daubenmire says:

    I was fortunate enough to have Judge Bruce. He is a very good listener asks many questions and is very knowledgeable. I just wish I could have asked about insurance, my attorney informed me that if approved for disability I would have to wait a year or so for insurance don’t understand that concept, that means no meds or dr appt for me. But I feel that Judge Bruce was a very good Judge to have went in front of treated you like a person and was interested in you.

  7. Michaelle Brotebeck says:

    I was the last person for the day for my appeal hearing with Judge Bruce. I represented myself for this hearing. Judge Bruce was very thorough and asked me many questions as I stood and sit over the course of 1.5 hours. He was absolutely wonderful and kind and understood that I am unable to sit for longer than 10 minutes at a time and he was empathetic to this, which I appreciated very much.

    He commented on the fact that he’s never seen anyone prepare their own case as well and as thorough as I had and he asked why I couldn’t do work if I could do this case. I explained that I am very thorough and it took me a year to prepare my case. I could not put it together in a couple of weeks.

    During the appeal, Judge Bruce and the vocational expert went over my medical information, my past work and if there is any work that I could cross train to do. It was determined that there is no work in the national registry that I could do considering my lengthy list of illnesses at age 44.

    I was awarded full benefits during the hearing and the proceedings were stopped. The vocational expert closed his book and was ready to leave while the Judge and I wrapped up. He didn’t even need to speak with the two witnesses that I brought with me.

    If you get Judge Bruce you should feel very privileged. He is kind, empathetic, looks you in the eye, gives you time to say what you need to say and he is genuinely “real”. I’m very grateful to him for these things.

    I don’t have to pay an attorney 1/3 of my back pay and I won my case all on my own. Yay!

  8. Attorney says:

    He is very nice but do not let that fool you. He uses VE typically asks decent hypo’s but really asks lengthy questions take notes make sure he did not leave anything out as his questions will take a better part of 45 minutes and you get kind of bogged down.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This judge is well prepared and is very patient and a good listener. You are lucky if you get Judge Bruce to hear your case.

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