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    I just went before judge Tobias yesterday 4/4/17 and he seemed fair and asked all questions due to my medical records from multiple doctors. I did not think the vocational testimony from the woman was correct or fair and there were so many questions and answers I wanted to answer her but couldn’t I am awaiting my decision from the judge and feel with over 800 pages of medical evidence and the medicine I take dayialy that I could be denied I can not work I just hope and pray that the judge can see that it’s a horible thing being this sick at my age but it’s all genetic and holes in my heart from birth and the nurological problems and breathing asthma with machines to sleep at night wich don’t even work I can never work a full or part time job I would be absent more then 20% easily and would get fired in an instant. Please your honor I am in horrible health and had to move in with my parents as a single dad and haven’t worked since 2010 before that I was a workaholic I can’t even walk or play with my son and that breaks my heart. I wish I can be 100% healthy my life would be a billion times easier and better and funner. So I feel this judge will decide on proof and evedance so for that reason I think he was a nice judge who will do his job. Thank you for letting me comment

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