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  1. Would like update so I can get ssi

  2. Debi Birdsong says:

    He just started verbally attack people on a fb page, from back in Memphis where he use to work. Calling people stupid, communist, and that he was going to continue blowing up the lady’s post. He sent several ugly pm’s to people. This man was an attorney in Memphis and now a judge in Idaho. Something is not right about this guy. Very disturbing with his rants.

  3. Jasmine says:

    Thats alright He called me fat in my case. Hes a piece of shit.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This Judge shows no empathy ,no heart, and often harassing about how his tax dollars being are spent on lazy ass people. I have a screen shots of such post. He has a sever case of alcoholism from childhood. I would hate to think I had to go b4 this Judge ,take a look at approval rate .He should be taken off the bench. This is the truth I will send you copies of this federal Judge David Willis and often brags about his making of 175,000and paying 30,000 in income taxes. If you would like to see these obnoxious post contact memfoa@aol.com This post has been sent “rights to a good disability Judge.

  5. Steven Jones says:

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