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  1. Tammy pierce says:

    This judge is very unfair.im not able to hold a job and I have work my entire life and she denied my claim I have been getting help from family and friends so I can have a place to live now its uncertain to where I be or how I’m gonna survive god will take care of it

  2. Angel says:

    Davida Isaacs was very polite and understanding she denied my claim the first time I later discovered my attorney failed to hand in my medical records for the last 3 years after appeals council remanded my case I found out all this info. Fingers crossed this time will have a better outcome. Very grateful for davida Isaacs shade me feel comfortable at a very stressful time

  3. Jraew says:

    This woman is a terrible judge. She made a mockery of my case and took everything out of context to suit her agenda. She ignored important evidence, and was rude and short with me. I have been fighting for 2 years and I finally get my day in court and this is who I get! I’m not giving up, her denial is biased and she ignored crucial evidence. Well karma is real judge Isaac’s and it’s coming for you.

  4. Sandra says:

    David a issacs denied my disability when I have MRI and 7 yrs of bloodwork for ra and spinal stenosis there is no way these conditions will get better they can be managed but I will have them the rest of my life and will never be pain free if i am honest and put on job applications my illness 5here is no way id be hired for any job my lawyer made it very clear he didn not like her and told me she would deny it i cant help but think she didn’t like him and that’s why I was denied she was very unfair and didnt go by evidence

  5. Charles Howard says:

    Judge Isaacs, has meticulous study habits. She is a good listener, Most important she follow the evidence. I appreciate her.

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