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  1. Woman says:

    I totally agree that this person is a terrible disability judge. She probably chose this profession because she has total control and it has very little oversight. This person is very rude to the litigants that come before her and she seems to me to have some intimidation of females that have an education and I believe that she may also be racist. This person knows that I have Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees yet she insisted on stating that I only have a high school diploma. She has a problem and maybe she needs a disability check. She needs to go home and take off that robe.

  2. Thelma napier says:

    I had a hearing with Judge Isaacs in May ,she was a good listener and friendly,come to find out my lawyer didn’t have all of my medical records for the past year ,so she didn’t make a decision that day,but here I am almost 2 months later and my disability is approved,make sure you have evidence of all the things that you tell here is wrong with your body,she has to have the proof from your medical records in front of her,,I appreciate the decision she made in my case,and of course all the Lords help.

  3. Jenifer says:

    I received judge Isaacs wrongful disability denial in January and it caused me to have a mild heart attack and multiple TIA’s, one of which caused temporary blindness. The heart damage she caused has left me at high risk for a massive heart attack or stroke. Since she’s responsible, I want to name her as my medical decision maker when the big one hits. She caused it, so she needs to take responsibility for her actions

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