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  1. Mary H. says:

    This judge has NO medical background NOR training in disability!!! A disgrace to people that their lives depend on help rightfully due to them and this “judge” has NO!!! idea what she’s doing. She caused me MORE grief and pain in my journey thru this process. SS should be ashamed that they have such a person representing them. I hope they aren’t all like this and some body please send her to school and the correct protocol to determine major decisions like SS disability for humans !!!! My doctor couldn’t even understand what she wrote !!! She babbles on and on and contradicts herself to a point thats it comical. Get her off the board!!!! My case is now going on 4 yrs!! Due to back up and a judge that doesn’t know what she’s reading or doing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice lady.
    Make you feel at ease and asked the simple questions directed at my disease.
    I saw her today and could not even catch my breath entering the room I was so nervous and upset.
    She is very understanding, lets just hope she is understanding when my letter comes lol

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