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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had Judge Ellis in 2015 for a hearing! All the negative comments and complaints are spot on to the way she treated me as well! She obviously has no empathy at all or any understanding of vast amount of medical records and what they mean. She threw out several records of mine and used her own biased thinking to back up why my 6 hour exam done the month of my hearing was thrown out. Assuming things that where not based on a shred of truth, just her hunch! She really is awful and shouldn’t be allowed to done these hearings. I have a new decision pending and the ALJ this time treated me like a human being, that is all we are asking for, right?

  2. Laura says:

    All I can say is Ms. Deborah E. Ellis is a judge who should not be able to approve or deny people who are sick or disabled. Her day will come when she will be judged by God himself and she hopefully will realize then how much pain, suffering, and disappointment she caused to soo many people by denying them. She is does not act as a fair, reasonable judge. She is hostile, verbally abusive, and condescending. It will all come back to her one day. I pray for all the people that have to deal with her. She should be really disappointed in the work she does.

  3. Noname says:

    Does not respect the law.

  4. Jordan says:

    What an awful person. Denied my mother’s conditions and called her own doctor “unpersuasive”. I hope he gets karma right back at her.

  5. Amy Ellison says:

    As I read these comments the night before my brother’s hearing, I was obviously nervous and sad . However, I was quickly at ease when she called me in to testify. She was nothing these reviews described. We had already had a hearing a few years ago. She really understood what was going on with my brother. I was awaiting the worst when in fact this intelligent human saw my brother for who he was and she did not act cruel one time. To say I appreciate her, is an understatement. Although we haven’t received the decision letter, I respect her for finally , after a lifetime of heartache of bad trauma my brother has endured, that she seen through it . She might have a low approval rate but in my eyes, I’m glad she doesn’t “give it away”. I see so many people and know a few personally that are receiving this SSA benefit who have no business receiving it . My disabled brother worked even when he shouldn’t have. He tried being a man and doing everything to maintain a job until he was told not to . This judge has a radar .. and she should. Much respect for Judge Ellis. And finally after all these years, I feel like my brother may finally get the benefits he deserves so very much .

  6. Ron says:

    I guess the person with the comment praising her must have been one of the few lucky ones to get approved. She was very rude to me and made me feel like i was a pathetic know body. I left there feeling like i wished i was dead because it was obvious to me she was going to deny me. She didn’t just ask questions but repeatedly asked the same question over and over again and when i guess i didn’t answer it the way she wanted me too she got very hostile towards me. I hope someone goes and reviews those court tapes and see how awful she was. She sent me to a ce afterwards for follow up evidence and what a rigged joke that was. The dr. only seen me for about 5 minutes but yet he knew everything about me in those 5 minutes to help her deny me. It is very sickening for me now with no more work credits to apply again and doubt I’ll ever get a job that I will be able to do or keep because of my problems. Went through hell for 3 years waiting and having hope to get approved and it was all taking away by this one person who doesn’t know me at all but just decided my case in a brief horrific encounter with me. I think this judge gets off on the power trip but one day she will be the one who is judged! My life is hanging by a thread my marriage has suffered greatly financially with no end in site. I have no health insurance, no job, no money and very depressed. I didn’t even bother with an appeal because whats the use against a cruel, corrupted and fixed system. Hope she sleeps good at night. All this judge did is look for 1 small thing to deny me and overlook the reasons why you can’t work. 1 reason i got denied was apparently I’m not suppose to be able to go to the grocery shopping every 2 weeks so no current disabled people don’t shop, yeah right. I think it is amazing how close the above statistics are so close for denials and this judge gets the grand prize for denials. Also being denied and dismissed sounds the same to me. If you get this judge be very very prepared and even if you are she will make you feel like your not and for me having trouble speaking where I’m front and center and anxiety in these situations just done me in and know body cares and just looks the other way.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very cold and heartless! Does not have a clue about being disabled or chronic illnesses. Hope and pray that God will someday show her how wrong she has been.

  8. Cruel and Unusual says:

    Very unfortunate that someone could be so heartless and cold. It’s good to ask questions to get to the truth, but this judge was verbally abusive with insults and condemnation. It’s humbling enough to even have to apply for disability in the first place- it wasn’t necessary for her to treat my spouse and I as though we were the scum of the Earth. Even with physical limitations that are quite visible, Judge Ellis makes a suicidal person even more suicidal. I pray that God will warm her heart because it is so very cold with the ice that flows through her veins. I’m disheartened by this process and how unjust it has been for families that legitimately need it.

  9. Not standing for this! says:

    Fair she is not! She was hostile and largely verbally abusive, and openly stated at my video hearing she “didn’t believe 37 year old could be disabled for life”. (Discrimination 1) In my denial letter, she referenced my single parent status multiple times as a basis for denial. (Discrimination 2). Also in my denial letter, she threw out all of my primary care physician’s diagnoses, even though i’ve seen him for 13 years. Ssa policy states the long term primary care opinions are to carry “controlling weight” in all decisions. (Evidence of bias 1) By throwing out his medical evidence, she was free to cherry pick the remaining evidence supplied by doctors who have never examined me in order to create her unfavorable decision, and threw out any part of their opinions that remotely supported my disability. (Evidence of bias 2) FYI SSA policy on non examining doctors opinions is that their opinions carry the least weight in the decision process.
    I’m filing a discrimination and bias grievance against her with both the Appeals Council as well as the Program Discrimination Complaint Adjudication Office. I strongly suggest anyone else who has been unfairly and prejudicely denied file with them as well. The only way to stop this type of treatment is to speak out. I am, and I hope you do as well.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Judge Ellis, is a very fare person she knows the law & she knows it well. If you truly are disabled she will know she evaluate every aspect of the case. But for those who are not disabled tryna get a free ride. SHE is going to KNOW, and u will get denied

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