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  1. Melinda kelley says:

    Had my hearing with Judge Sanders on 6/23/2020 and like everybody else…DENIED. Had all of my medical records showing I couldn’t work, didn’t matter, DENIED.

  2. Barbara Mangan says:

    My hearing with ALJ Sanders was in early July 2020.
    Within a month I was denied. The occupational expert testified I would be unable to maintain a job due to my mental illness. I suffer from anxiety, depression, night terrors, PTSD, and a long list of emotional problems. I’m not even dependable enough to take care of my own hygiene. I leave my home maybe once a month and that was before the virus. My therapist and I are dumbfounded. I just don’t understand…

  3. Charles Lewis says:

    Had my hearing with her on Dec. 6 and got my denial Jan 2nd. Even though she says their independent doctor’s findings and the record of my health issues are means for total disability she didn’t find their reports persuasive enough. She included I should not operate a motor vehicle and she included Xray and MRI results that I never had done. I wrote out 2 and a half pages of false facts that she had in the denial. She seems to have her mind made up before even hearing the claim.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My experience with Judge Sanders(and her unfavorable ruling) was the same as described by the other comment posted.
    I am a disabled white man…. got my denial letter from her within a month of my hearing date. Totally unfair!

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you are a white male at prime working age, no matter what your disability is, you will be denied by Judge Sanders. She clearly should not be a judge for ssi and because of her presumptions to the actual facts, denies people more so on the basis of color and ability than what sworn professionals attest too.

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