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  1. Richard Jeffrey Mckinney says:

    Yea things are bad and no were to turn my job was take from me and it was a very good job i mite just cant understand how u go in a doctor’s office for a DOT physical and walk out with no job i was a tanker driver making from 80to130k a year depending on how much i worked and how many disaster’s accrued i worked for a company that done disaster relief along with FEMA the last i worked was sandy relief in NY well its not a good feeling when i done disaster relief it paid me 30 $ per hour 24/7 thats 720 dollars every 24 hours we also done the same on a regular with N&W railroad worked for 20.50 cents my regular hourly wadge and usaully worked 70 hours a week time and a half over 40 hours and on that job i had three aflac insurance policies had a cancer policy a disability policy cant remember the third all that was taken from me that was around 08/09 it has been a while did i mention i lost every thing i owned i lost my mom my dad my wife my job house land vehicles everything yea im depressed i personally dont no were to start i just dont c what i done to deserve that it was over diebeties but sence then more health problem hav arised i cant work i can some but at my pace i tried one day worked all day it almost cost me my foot ive been in poverty since that day some times with no elec no transportation there are things in my trial that are false im a man i can bite the bullet and act normal in front of people to have a little dignity and try not to look weak bottom line judges do make mistakes none of my body parts have been looked at my feet ect and that little test i was givin for three minutes thats a far crie from an 8 hour work day im no lawyer but i have to do something i worked my ass off to get were i was and yes im depressed in my mind i only see dome and cant find a reason to do anything yes some judges make the wrong decision and mine should hav been stopped on part 4 the state said i could no longer do the job i once was doing so why do u think i can yes i read a little with 3.25 reading glasses need strongest but that is the strangest they make at the dollar store and i do sometimes were two pair to read guess i will apeal in case ur not clear before u can operate commercial vehicle u have to hav a two year medical card i could not get that card because there was sugar in my urine and do u have any idea how much supplies cost one small vile of lantus is over 400$ so in all reality im owed from all the way back to 2008-2009 this may sound crazy but i have held my head down long enough disability was taken out of my check for a rite good while why

  2. Jay says:

    I wonder why it is not really related more to what your doctor says. The doctors, most the time are specialist. If they say they can’t work than I believe the judge should take that into account more!!! If I were a judge I would feel terrible knowing because of me, people are really suffering & have no money because they honestly can’t work!! I couldn’t be a judge, I have to know I’m helping more people than hurting them.

  3. Jared Vaughan says:

    Unfavorable decision on a long list of severe conditions with provided evidence. If this is your ALJ good luck. No compassion and very inconsiderate to those in need. My benefits will be reserved for the next dr.ug related health condition case. Only those, dr.ug addicts and uneducated individuals are allowed to receive SSI. They can play off their anxiety and other problems at ease in the hearing room. Unlike those who truly have problems they don’t like to express, or can’t easily express, all in which this ALJ clearly doesn’t understand. It’s a sad world. I’ve seen so many hard dr.ug addicts on SSI it’s so sad.

    If you can do basic math and talk clearly and have manners

  4. Steve Lassiter says:

    Shame on people who discriminate against people with disabilities.People who do not do their proper research and act just upon the facts,should be removed/disbarred from any position dealing with peoples rights.Being born with disabilities is NOT a pre-existing condition.Being born without a heart is heartless.I would rate this a a negative but they dont go that low.SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

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