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  1. Anonymous says:

    I stood before Judge Smith. I was one of the average 57 to 58 percent denied every year. Two of my personal Doctors found me disabled. She gave them, “No weight” in her words. She did give the paid SSA paid Doctor who never examined me “full weight”. That has been several years ago. I still can not work and have not worked for every one of those years. I made 50 thousand a year. Now I make nothing, with no disability.
    Judge Smith let me down. The comments of “honest and fair” of the previous post are the only reason I left this. If the Judge reads this, I wish she could know what I have suffered because of her judgement. I have not worked in ten years now and everything is on the shoulders of my wife. I hope it was just a poor judgement and not meeting denial numbers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whenever numerous other ALJs comment that she “doesn’t understand why we have SS” you know you’re getting a raw deal. Just have your case ready for appeal. That’s where your case is headed.

  3. David Freudenthal says:

    Still honest and fair.

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