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  1. George Crannell says:

    I hope you are the right Debra Boudreau. My last supervisor in the Army was Debra Boudreau. We were stationed at Fort Lewis, WA until 1995. When I was discharged she went off to go to Military Judge school. Then after school she was stationed back at Fort Lewis, WA. Very few bosses in my life have impressed me more than LTC Boudreau.

  2. Tommy Sosbee says:

    Judge Boudreau needs to understand that although she does truly try to expedite claims from 100% disabled veterans; there are others within the SSA such as Brandon who are prejudiced against veterans. I spoke to Brandon 4 times already. All he can tell me is that my payment was mailed out on 27 March. There is no place inside the United States, where it takes 2 weeks for a government letter to arrive in the mail. I called him last Friday, and he said it might take another week. To me, that sounds like he is procrastinating or delaying my payment intentionally. Why couldn’t Brandon just direct deposit my payment, like everyone else does? Then he tells me that my monthly payment will be deposited on the 4th Wednesday of the month? What?? Judge Boudreau understands what expediting really means. Brandon doesn’t. Sounds like he is making up the rules as he goes. I just want a straight answer. Maybe Judge Boudreau can speak with Brandon at (816) 936-4526. Maybe she can convince him to do his job.

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