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  1. Nobody says:

    She discriminated against me and now they’re covering her back!! They know that I’m telling them the truth, but they keep covering for her discrimination against me. Oh, but I’m going to go higher Debra you will not get away with this!! 💯

  2. Joel says:

    Judge Denny was very professional and listened to my case. Asked very good questions and had plenty of knowledge about my condition. A very respectable person- Thank-you

  3. James says:

    If you get Judge Denney on appeal, consider yourself fortunate. She is honest . It is sad that this even has to be mentioned about a judge, but really this is all disability rulings inevitably come down to. Is the ALJ honest or are they jaded and corrupt? Judge Denney is honest and acted in good faith. This cannot be said about some other ALJ’s in Denver

  4. DAN says:

    This judge sucks!!!! Total liberal judge. I am disgusted with the corruption of the system, they are more concerned to give to all illegal aliens rather than honorable discharged veterans who legally and have paid into the system for a very long time. I was denied twice and am 53 years old, all the violations of law in the 2 hearings, and no one wants to hear the facts. All facts were there, but she did not want to hear any of it, she only judged on weight (which came on because of injuries) and blatant disregard for the law. A total corrupt, broken system. A total disgust.

  5. Cynthia Foreman says:

    Judge Denney gave my brother a fully favorable SS disability decision, but added “medicare only”. She said it would go back to the date of 2014, when he first applied, so now medicare is billing my brother for things he didn’t use medicare for. He is in debt now because of Medicare. Just makes no sense. He is homeless again. Thanks for nothing judge. Please don’t ever put anyone else through that. He is schizophrenic, and you agreed with all the doctors, but now he can’t even see his psychiatrist and get medication for, unless he pays premiums to medicare that he can’t afford, since he has no income. Thanks again for being compassionate in the courtroom, but a favorable decision is nothing, and he is homeless again, and I am supporting him . Just a waste of time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    She had complete knowledge of the file prior to hearing. Asked questions for clarification and listened carefully to your response. She made the hearing process comfortable, respectful, professional and courteous. I was happy with the outcome prior to receiving my decision.

  7. Melissa says:

    Judge Denney is a very compassionate judge. She ask the questions and let me answer fully before going on to next one. She lets you give her as much information as you want and listens with respect and does not rush you . I don’t know what the decision is yet but I can say she is a very nice judge to have. Just had my hearing in April.

  8. William Ennis says:

    Judge Denny let me tell my story completely!
    She was very kind, considerate and made me finally feel good about the Social Security system.

  9. Lawyer says:

    Very nice Judge, my first time in front of her, very fair and to the point, no idea of outcome, but she is fair to the client, and that is all one can ask for in hearings.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Very professional, respectful and compassionate.

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