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  1. Kathy says:

    This judge had her mind made up as soon as I walked through the door. I took a seat and my sleeve of my jacket rode up slightly. She said to me “Is that a tattoo?” I didn’t know I could be denied SSDI because she didn’t like my tattoo? I would call that discrimination. I have a rare skin disease which hurts a billion times worse than a tattoo ever could. Power tripping by denying cases to making your #’s. You should be ashamed. Ruining peoples lives is WRONG.

  2. Nancy Favila says:

    I can see her job is to deny and find any little detail to deny. Does she really want people to play their violin. I mean, we still have our pride. I know my husband would make way more $ than what he could be awarded through ssdi; however, it is almost impossible for my husband to work even part time. Her decision was made in 15 minutes and she never will get to hear the hardship Lupus has brought to our lives. Now only does Lupus affect my husband but it also affects me in many ways. My marriage is just surviving as it is hard to deal with an ill person. My husband is awake for a few hours at a time and takes lots of naps in between, so what kind of job will hire a fatigued person like him. I’m now working from home and I get to see his full debilitating symptoms. At night I can’t even sleep from feeling my husband’s leg jerk. When he is depressed and anxious I get depressed too. I would give up anything just to have my husband’s health back to the way it used to be before Lupus. It has never been about the grandiose $600 SSDI gives but having a guaranteed paycheck brings a little piece of mind to anybody who is ill and without a source of income. Even a tiny amount as such lessens the feel of worthlessness. After all, my husband is ill but he still has feelings and hopes for a better tomorrow.

  3. Aaron Coates says:

    This judge is corrupt. She made things up in her head… like I only went to the doctor to seek drugs (4 years later and I still wear braces every day), that I drove across the country (when I took a bus because I couldn’t drive).. and a few other things. She then proceeded to put all of this on paper and found her own delusions to be a fact and finding of law. Then denied my claim based on that.

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