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  1. Lynn Diblase says:

    Dear Honerable Judge Horton.

    As you have come to the conclusion I am employable I am sincerely asking/begging you for employment. I have exhausted my life’s savings. Am 2 months behind on my mortgage and bills. Can’t find a job. With my “disabilities” and age I can’t find a job! What do I do? Where do I find a job? Can you hire me? Would you hire me? Do you know anyone that would hire me? Please help….

  2. Lynn Diblase says:

    I was recently denied benefits. After reading the 12 page document I don’t know some of the dr’s quoted and am not understanding why she chose to “disregard” the findings of my actual doctors. If she has so much confidence in my abilities I think she should hire me to work for her! Somehow I don’t think I would meet her expectations as I can’t possibly meet the expectations of another job which is why I can’t find a job!!! Good for your quotient. Unfortunately I am about to lose my house. Me and my 4 kids will be homeless because you haven’t spent the time to fully investigate. Hope your numbers of denial make your boss happy and get you a raise while your clients suffer. Hope you can sleep at night. If I were you i couldn’t knowing the families and lives you have ruined. May God bless you.

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