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  1. Yolanda Mitchell says:

    I had judge Copeland and she was very compassionate and very supportive during my hearing Oct 262020 .I feel I was given a fair hearing .now on to the wait god be with everyone going thru the waiting decision period

  2. Brian Hoff says:

    I had my hearing the first week in April, it is now 9/10/17 and still have not heard anything from ODAR. All they keep telling me is that it is in unassigned writing. Sounds like they need to hire more people to write up judges decisions.

  3. Bill says:

    Very kind and compassionate judge. Had my review in April, still haven’t gotten my decision yet though but that is due to it being stuck in the ODAR office in Birmingham. When I call the ODAR office I was told they dont have any writers at this time. What I gathered from that is that even though the Judges are making a decision they are sitting in an office piling up waiting to be written up. This kind of scares me. If you are waiting after your hearing in the Birmingham are the ODAR # is 866-613-2863

  4. Richaard Cullen says:

    I just had “My Day in Court” and I’m still do not the the outcome, but I do feel that I was given the time and respect I needed. She was kind,considerate and concerned about my condition and I trust her opinion.

  5. Rebecca says:

    This judge is compassionate and took the time to review the information about my case to finalize her decision. She exhibited professionalism and sympathy and I saw a woman who truly loves her profession and takes pride in her work. Her heart is full of kindness.I want to sincerely thank her for giving me faith in our judicial system and for treating me fairly and respectfully. Thank you so much For helping me.

  6. Thankful says:

    I want to say thank you to Judge Copeland for taking the time to thoroughly examine my case.You are Fair and there is hope in our justice system..

  7. Allen says:

    Nice straight forward even got on to my lawyers who were very sorry in getting documentation.I fired them and now I’m waiting on my letter for a decision.I’m Praying that it is fully favored.with my mental conditions.I haven’t seen any comments for Judge Copeland.

  8. Adrian says:

    How strange there are no comments for Denise Copeland? She is my judge and while I’m very glad I didn’t get some of the others according to what I’ve read, can anyone tell me anything about this judge?

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