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  1. Scott gates says:

    She denied me at my hear. Im bi polar schizophrenia and have a herniated broke dics i walk with a can with a limp. And also i have ptsd.
    She looked at me like i was already not favorable and sent a letter denying me.
    So another judge looked into my case and so alot and now I’m going back for a remanded hearing.

  2. irving kushner MD says:

    This is Dr. Irving Kushner. I am a medical expert for rheumatology cases.
    I testified at a hearing for you on August 11th. I have not yet received a call order, without which I cannot submit an invoice.
    I have sent several e-mails to and left voice mail messages for my sole contact person in your office – Joann Myer – asking that this be looked into, but have not received a reply.
    I have tried to reach your operator, but have not succeeded. I get music.
    Can you help me?
    Claimant Trimarchi

  3. Disabled Veteran says:

    I am a disabled veteran (Viet Nam era), rated by the VA. I had the displeasure of having my hearing in front of Denise Pasvantis. This poor excuse for a human treated and talked to me like I was dirt; she disallowed me to call my witness, rudely told me to be quiet when I asked to present VA documents as evidence, and cross examine the “expert witnesses” (what a sham); I have never been treated so horribly by someone in an official capacity. How this person got to be a judge is beyond me, how can our government allow such prejudice, hatred and discrimination to exist in our courts?? A disability proceeding??? To help our disabled that need help?? I live on a fixed income, I fought for this country. These angry people such as this woman should be sent to Afghanistan to fight, or see our soldiers fighting; maybe then her unprofessional hate filled attitude would change. Sorry, but this is what I had to sit and see for 2 wasted hours. I hope no one else has to go thru what I did, I am going to yell as loud as I can to whomever will listen, this intentional bias should not be in our courts.

  4. K.Smith says:

    This Judge has no compassion for really disabled claimants. She don’t even take the time to try to understand your case.Just remember her approval and denial rates are already worked out in her head.Your just a number.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge likes to start hearing asking ALL the questions. Seems slightly insecure but doesn’t want to show it. So, do not correct this judge directly. You have to lead her to the right answer that SHE discovers, then you gently get her in the right direction to win your case. She likes to be in the right on even inconsequential issues. Don’t react. A few of her questions are along the lines of “when did you stop beating your wife” even if the judge doesn’t realize they are, and if client is not prepared to listen to question carefully and correctly re-frame the issue in the response, the transcript for appeal would be misleading. Prepare the client. She clearly follows a standardized outline in asking questions, filing in blanks as she goes along. Typical hearing will last 45 minutes. I’d still rate her as a good judge and one you can work with, only handle her gently and with extraordinary care.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This ALJ does not believe that Bipolar Syndrome is a real medical impairment. If you are Bipolar and your hearing will be held in front of her you will have to file an appeal.

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