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  1. Randy says:

    I believe in my heart this judge is a fair and honest man who believes in the process of truth. I believe hhe listens to the person and looks at the evidence and studies long and hard before making his decision. So in my book he is what we need in a judge

  2. george Hall says:

    The Judge has ruled totally incorrect in a recent case. Since her major back surgery in October the lady has lost over 50 pounds and now only weighs 94 pounds. On top of that she had two other surgeries 2 weeks fter her back surgery and has since been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitus. She has been in and out of the hospitial since October 2, and now is hospitalized again and today had to have a feeding tube inserted since her pancreatitus had worsened. On top of all of this this Judge totally ignored the facts in this case. Just another BS rubber stamp denial. He doesn’t even rate having any stars. His 12 page report was horse …. and he knows it. And the examing doctor that stated she could lift a hundred (100) pounds will be sued for improper diagnosis and malpractice.

  3. Shanell hardin says:

    This judge saved my life and gave me new hope. It takes a good judge to understand the problems I’m suffering from. Very appreciated and I love this judge.

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