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  1. Joel B says:

    Regardless of his decision, he was very compassionate. He wished me peace after the hearing. Really nice dude.

  2. Lisa Burgess says:

    This law judge was nothing I expected during our phone conversation. He was so kind, compassionate, and understanding. There was no power trip. He talked about anxiety and it made a huge difference for me. At the end he wished me “peace”…who does that? He sounded like he truly wanted to help me. After our meeting, my lawyer called me and said how amazing he was and that she wished all the judges would be so kind. I’m still surprised by what he said and how he said it. I got SO lucky!

  3. Rhonda Hansen says:

    I recently had my hearing with Judge Raterink. I’m blown away at how compassionate and caring he was. He explained how the hearing would go, and assured me to not be nervous and made me feel very comfortable. He also took time to listen even when I caught myself babbling. I will always remember his kindness.

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