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  1. J Schminkey says:

    This judge denied me on a persistent basis and without giving my two 10 yr. long treating specialists any weight. During my final hearing with him, he would literally rip a page out of my file and throw it. He would slam his coffee cup down. It was clear the man did not like me for some reason. He was not professional and had a anger problem. Later my case was given to the federal judge and reversed and said for payments to begin immediately. I have no respect for Busick

  2. Jeremiah J. says:

    Judge Busick did an exceptional job taking the time to understand my case. Having an extremely complicated condition with medical science having a relatively limited understanding and few treatments has left me struggling with putting together a core group of specialists overseeing my treatment. Judge Busick reasoned through my complicated records and made the correct decision. This was no easy task and I will forever be greatful to him for doing a thorough job. My only complaint is my family and I may be homeless before my approval is processed. I’m not sure where food will come from the next two weeks. The system is extremely backed up and the government would do well to find more competent judges like Judge Busick.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How can a judge with no medical experience decide the fate of my life!?!? These judges have no medical training.This judge chose to not “give weight” to my 2 specialist.My records clearly show my conditions.How can they know better than a person that has spent 8 yrs or more of their life in schooling. He did not clearly state why he did not give my Dr any weight,he made untrue statements. The job vocationalist said that hypotheticaly that with my my side affects of my meds I was unemployable,that with my mental state I was unemployable,that with the time needed off for dr appointments I was unemployable.

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