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  1. JASZ says:

    I concur with the above opinion. This judge is obviously biased. She cited the fact that I am collecting disability from another source as evidence I am malingering / disincentivized to work?! What?! It should be some evidence that I am disabled. What a dingbat. None of my witnesses were allowed. Apparently I, and ALL of my doctors, are liars. My case has been going on since 2011. I think someone once said its foolish to believe everyone, but something far worse to believe no-one. I almost feel sorry for this judge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My experience with her was unbelievable. She was deceitful with her decisions, making up evidence to “support” her verdict, assuming that there was no one who would verify her evidence. My wife’s case dragged on for 9 years. When we appealed her first denial, the case was remanded back to her stating that
    Townsend-Anderson’s decision was not supported by the evidence. The second hearing, my wife’s lawyer totally took apart Townsend-Anderson’s case; I still have it on cd. Townsend-Anderson again denied my wife using as her supporting evidence things that never happened meaning that she was making up evidence to strengthen her case. We appealed again and this time it was denied. My wife’s lawyer quit at that time saying she didn’t handle cases in federal court.

    She did however refer us to a lawyer in Chicago. When I talked to him, he said, don’t bother, you’ll just be wasting the filing fee as word has come from Washington to deny everyone appealing in a federal court. The pathetic thing is Townsend-Anderson offered to give my wife benefits, after her case was remanded, if my wife agreed to start her benefits in 2007 instead of 2003. My wife would have accepted but her lawyer found out the latest the offer could start was 2005 and Townsend-Anderson wouldn’t start the benefits from then. I talked to 3 other lawyers and no one would help. Townsend-Anderson knew my wife had a legitimate disability or else she would have never made an offer to settle, but didn’t want to pay out any earlier than 2007, so instead she denied. What a country. Deceitful people prosper and honest people suffer. On a final note, one of Townsend-Anderson’s premises was that all the experts that we had testify for my wife, she stated that they felt sorry for my wife and their testimony can’t be relied on. Those people would be expert witnesses in any courtroom. These were all professionals. My personal opinion is that she didn’t like my wife’s lawyer and took out her hatred on my wife. From what I’ve seen, it is not what you have for a disability, but who you draw as a judge. With the right judge, you can get your benefits with 1 page of evidence. My wife had more than a person should need, but got railroaded. The system failed which gives a person the power to abuse their position and make up enough evidence to support a wrong decision. How can she sleep at night?

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