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  1. Diana Booth says:

    JUDGE DIANA ERICKSON Is a very open-minded, understanding Judge, that is very fair! My second claim appeal went to her for the hearing. I was very nervous because her approval rate was the lowest of all of the other ALJs! My attorneys Parmele and Parmele, requested a decision on review (think that’s what it’s called.) Basicly asking for her to look at all of the evidence and approve my case, without going to a hearing.

    The morning of the hearing I get a call from ODAR. I was getting coffee and missed it. I just saw the missed call and knew the office wasn’t technically opened and figured it was my attorneys. I called and she asked if it was me and I said yes. She said I’m trying to get ahold of your attorneys, but wanted to let you know that you don’t need to come to the hearing today. I didn’t understand. She said ” I’m not supposed to tell you, but the Judge made a decision on record this morning. Your appeal was approved!” I just started crying and couldn’t talk for a minute. Thanked her a billion times and told my ride to turn around and what happened! She changed my life! That was on 1/26/16 and I got my first payment the end of February or beginning of March!

    I’m took my 1st claim to Federal Court and my new appeal is today at 9am with Judge Christina Cooke! She was very unfair, and used the oldest information possible and picked and choose what parts she wanted to use. Words direct from the Federal Court when they sent it back for a new hearing as well! She took a medical experts opinion, over my own Rhuemotologist that I had been seeing every 3 months (at minimum) for 2 years, simply because “he encouraged me to exercise to decrease pain!” So I face her with my new attorneys now! Good luck to anyone who has her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have not received my decision from Judge Erickson yet, but I have to say I’ve been through this process before and she was a very pleasant judge to have. In the past I was told it was a waste of time to represent myself, I don’t know how it turned out, but she did at least let me speak, and I feel, really listened to me. I was nervous going in, and still shakey going out, but it was not because of Judge Erickson, but rather just nerves. Compared to my last hearing, Judge Erickson was very fair, and pleasant.

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