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  1. Damon Owens says:

    Judge Diane Davis denied my disability claim but I have nothing bad to say about her. I felt a little confused reading the denial where it stated that I can take care of my mentally disabled 37-year old daughter (Meningitis at 8 months). Well, it’s either me trying to help her or her trying to help me. The latter is not possible! We’re both in need but I’m her father! As financially strapped as we are – I’ll crawl to another job if I have to! It’s sad that there are so many fraudsters seeking disability that it hinder folks like me – who need help, not just financially but medically!

  2. Disgruntled Veteran says:

    Her approval rating speaks for itself. Denied with a 17 page report that completely didnt even acknowledge one of the main issues spoken about for a good 45 minutes of the hearing. The rest of the report was her stating her petsonal opinions. Apparently you have to be incapable of carrying on a conversation and must stare at a wall all day to be approved. Very disappointing

  3. Joseph says:

    Diane S. Davis was very nice, she was honest, fair, and did as a lot of hard questions. in the end i believe she is an excellent judge

  4. RVG says:

    Diane Davis unfairly ruled over my disability case this year and denied me at my hearing. I had attorney representation. And I believe she abused her power.

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