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  1. Tonya Hildebrand says:

    I DONT have a lawyer due to the fake scams and fake lawyers who played me so now I’m doing it without With my disabilities IYS been very hard for me to get anything right or together but I can tell you she is an amazing judge she goes above and beyond to try and get everything and help you if possible if I had to chose someone to be my judge it would be her MILLON times over I PREY I FINALLY GET A BRAKE THE HELP I NEED I HAVE A BRAIN TUMOR AND HAVE TO DO TESTING BUT THE LOCATION IS WORST POSSIBLE LOCATION IM LOSING MY VISION AND HAVE MANY MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. PLEASE 🙏🏻 HELP ME. I AM UNABLE TO WORK ANYMORE AS MUCH AS ID LOVE TO I CANT MY MEMORY IS GONE I WAS HOSPITALIZED AND HAD A POSSIBLE STROKE HEART ATTACK OR SERIOUS DAMAGE TO MY HEART AS WELL AS MY BRAIN I WILL BE DOING TESTING DOC APPOINTMENTS AND MEDICAL FOR THE REST OF WHAT LIFE I MAY HAVE LEFT they have to do a brain biopsy. Remove it while I’m awake due to the location. I know I’m younger and I know I haven’t been doing everything I should be doing but to be honest I can’t I’m trying with everything I have and I still can’t do it. I’m sorry to the most amazing judge 👩‍⚖️ I appreciate you more then you know. Ty!

  2. My family needs me with my wife having cancer and my daughter having a disability as well as me God I just pray for a victory and I also pray that the Judge will approve my case

  3. Lord God I pray that the Judge will approve my case ? I pray for a victory for me and my lawyer

  4. Crystal says:

    I went in front of Judge Mantel and she was very kind! I had a very bad migraine and wasn’t feeling well at all, and she was very understanding! My anxiety was sky high entering the court, but she helped me feel at ease. I couldn’t have asked for a better judge!

  5. Kenny mcbee says:

    I would like to thank judge mantel for making me feel comfortable when I was in front of her cuz I have severe anxiety cuz of my back and neck pain. And it’s hard for me to talk to my family .I felt more comfortable talking to her that’s how understanding she is. As long as you tell the truth and be honest she will be fair. Honesty goes a long way in life and I would like to thank you again judge for making me feel comfortable when I was in front of you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Dianne S Mantel is as fair a Judge as you can hope to have for your case. She will listen to you and gives you every opportunity to make you case.
    I can say this. If you deserve to be approved she will approve you. If you deserve to be Dismissed or Denied she will do so. Remember, you have to have a lawyer. She is an Excellent Judge.

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