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  2. My name is Johnathan Moore and I am a former home owner and taxpayer I’m a native of the state of Michigan Born and raised in Detroit, MI 48227. I’ve lived my whole entire life in the state of michiganI produced all my Detroit Public Education Records, Medical Records, Birth Certificate, Social Security Records, Social Security Card, Michigan MDOC State Identification Inmate Card, Wayne County Community College I.D. Card, Tax Returns, everything with my home address on it . I’ve visited over 50 different Secretary of State Offices in the Detroit Metro Politian Area over 10 times apiece demanding and the Secretary of State insisting that they would not give me no state identification until I get a legal name change from the Courts. I been in the Courts Now over 10 years an still with no Michigan State Identification the secretary of state wont give me anything that I could use as state i.d. The Court s have somehow dissmissed my case through all of the cases out on me and refi\using to give me anything when they all know and do not doubt that I am stuck between only two last names and that is between my father and mother last name and they were married and both they’re name is on my birth certificate . Im saying that after ovr 15 years I still don’t have a Michigan State ID and that the Courts or the Secretary of State hasn’t givin me anything nothing whether it be my mothers last name or my fathers last name give me something so that i can work and pay bills and function in society as a citizen I have to pay double so that I can smuggle thats how I survive on the black market because I’ve been cut off from regular channels Its hard and painful trying to survive in a big city without ID> Look at how the Secretary of State treated my license that should give you some clues of what Im talking about like my license being suspended and so much luck in trying to through money at the problem either they laugh at that avenue the Detroit wayne county treasury litterly stole my home snatched it right from under my feet and put me directly on the side walk after I owned and lived in my home for over 12 years now Im being evicted from the home Im renting from all in less than 2 years Im facing eviction twice and with no state id so that I can work I got fired from 2 good decent paying jobs for not having no state id. Im also mad and angry by the fact that I was a child non violent prisoner juvenile offender in the adult prison system and I worked in there for 20 years and social security wont count all that state labor towards my social security full pay I deeply question the kind of state court appointed representation for indigent offenders like myself I question the Due Process of law justice and fairness because I havent seen it all I know is state brutality Michigan Justice i dont know nothing else but Michigan Justice SNN 5075,

  3. Ive been trying to get in touch with ALJ Don A. Harper for some time now trying to get him to release my child insurance money that is being held up right now . judge Harper gave me a favorable opinion back in 2010 for my SSI determining that I was disabled after 20 years of prison incarceration while all the time I was disabled as a child I was in special education in my elementary school impulse and control problems they said that I was impulsive and that I had a compulsive disorder and attention deficit disorder that I had trouble concentrating on my school work and that I would explode if things did not suit me. I had trouble fighting and I kept getting kicked out of school for skipping school and constant fighting. the when I was 14yrs old I got arrested for a serious crime an armed robbery but after doing almost 2 months in jail they let me go clearing me of all charges. Then 2 yrs later I could another case and they the charges were dropped or reduced to a lower charge. After that the police went judg and lawyer shopping on meand I ended pleading guilty to a charge that I should of fought but I knew when I was a child not to fight the state charges so I felt that I had no win against the state of michigan even as a juvenile they had us terrified to take a case to try and try to fight it because u had no win and u could only get more time trying to fight against city hall I knew this even at an early age.I never wanted to fight only plea bargain with false and erroneous charges. I told my mother to stop trying to bail me out to take her money and try and save our family home not to worry about me because I would end up back in jail again on false trumped up charges again. My mother said to me “Johnathan are u cazy and have u lost your mind because u dont want to be locked up your losing your mind these people must be getting to you somehow” I said to her Momma look u see what they are doing so ill try and work with them by plea bargaining with em. She said Johnathan Agnus would never come to court to put u away she’ll never testify against you. I thought about it all night in my cell remembering what my mother said to me Johnathan if you plead guilty to these charges theyll stick with you and they will use this against you it will harm you somewhere down the line don’t let the police get away with this fight the case and Ill get you a lawyer that will make any state witness look like a fool anybody they put up there Ill get my lawyer to take them lying mf apart so don’t do it because they’re lying on you and setting you up with thisI sat back in my cell and I remembered all those times and nights late nights when i was only 15 years old at the time when Agnus would get in her car late at night and would go through the neighborhood looking for me worried to death for me full of fear with what might happen to me. My mother and Agnus feared and was scared of what the police would do to me that she would be in her night gown looking for me and would take me home and I would spend the night until daylight comes and some police would try and force they’ e way in Agnus home trying to get me snatch me out of her home by force I was a child at the time and I could’nt understand racism I did’nt know that it was that serious I didn’t think that the police wanted to off me maybe beat on me or ruff me up but to finish me off I was’n’t thinking like that but Agnus knew that somehow I was’n”t getting the message Agnus gave me her check book and told me that I’m to old and Im about to die here this is my money take and spend what you want so i used it but i only wrote out 30 to 40 dollar checks First she was signing them then she said f it u do it . What happened was i left her check book at one of the spots trap houses that I frequented and went to the store and my boy robbery the trap house and I got caught up that night going to jail on some unrelated some guys tried to get me and I ran up in this white lady house trying to get away police came and locked me up charging me with burglery however the charges were later dropped or reduced while I was locked up my friends started going to Agnus getting money from her claiming that they were going to take the money she give them to come and bail me out then when she stop giving them money that when crazy things started happening to her she was clearly on my side then them idiots went over there and pushed her down because she wouldn’t give em no more money and that’s when the police got involved and they saw the opportunity and chance to drive a wedge between us the police used that incident to interfere with our friendship knowing full well that I was incarcerated at this time and wasn’t liable to anyone and look what happened to me I ended up getting out of jail just so that they could make whatever charges stick they let me out of jail just so i could take the rap by falling in the trap. They knew that I would never put Agnus though a criminal trial and I took my beating like a man however my task masters was misinformed by the police. The police wanted me because I would never talk or cooperate and I find myself not telling on the police also. I won’t tell on them either or cooperate with a probe of any kind. I never received any due process from the courts the lawyers they give me work against me refuse to represent me so I get no justice from or out of the court system. I feel like that I got into alot of trouble trying to help people and defend people the same you can have good intentions and still get into trouble. Its how the law treated me even as a juvenile prisoner in the prison system doing 20 yrs for none violent offenses. They gave me a lawyer who didn’t even try or bother to represent me on my child insurance she didnt say a word and she did the same thing to me in a criminal cases that I caught 2 yrs prior to me it was a conflict of interests, I didnt know that she was goimg to represent me it was a last minute thing she told me after the hearing that she put all those physical ailments in the brief but she didnt say a word in court the judge is asking me questions that I have no way of explaining it to her my lawyer was supposed to answer her questions because i was’nt prepared at the time the burden was unfairly placed on my back and i didnt know that it was coming my lawyer did not do nothing she was ineffective on both cases this time she messed with my social security child insurance. The Michigan Judicial System hurt and harmed me as a child as well on top of the problems and ailments that I had physically. I’m facing eviction right now I got 2 weeks to leave the home that I’m renting 15464 Hubbel Det, MI 48227 the Wayne County Treasury took my home that I owned in 2016 when I was in the hospital fight for my life because Harper Hospital in Detriot operated on my and some nurses tried to harm me during the process Im half crippled I can baring walk I put in a complaint at the hospital and they buried it it didnt get no where so I wrote the medical board and people who handle complaints and they never got back with me on it so I wrote the Dept of Justice and they sent the complaint back to the hospital and now the DMC wont even see me and they escort me and follow me in the hospital they took a look at me and was treating me for it until my doctor sent me to get my legs looked at and they found out what happened then my insurance molina refused to give me an MRI on my lower back so they operation went wrong all together and the nurse who handle operation planning was mad because thry didnt follow correct procedures for catherization they harmed me real bad the complaint didn’t go nowhere and i’m crippled i can hardly walk barely that is investigation went nowhere Then while I was recovering the treasury came and snatched my house up from under me they said that I owed Property taxes for 2013 when I bought my home at an auction June 2012 I had some people for housing to look into it and they said that you need a lawyer because what they are doing to you is criminal nobody wanted to look into it for me or help me so I was homeless and now Im renting and it seems that they are on the same page with screwing me over my former home address is 15828 Cruse Det,MI 48227 see for urself so I’m asking moving the Honrable ALJ Harper to help me out by releasing my child insurance and how the state of michigan judicial sytem and now their health care sytem has harmed me dearly and I dont have anybody to fight for me or defenda me to help me get justice because I dont want to hav to take it I’ve been accused of taking many things but I was innocent this time when it comes to taking justice I;m going to be guilty because thats all I ever wanted was justice and a full and fair hearing and representation that is competent SSN 5075 3/15/23

  4. Johnathan Moore says:

    I,ve been trying so hard over the years to get in touch with Honor, Im so concerned about the outcome of my child insurance claims. The Court did not take certain things ino account that happened and transpired firt, there so a conflict of interests between myself and the court appointed attorney that they gave me she had already represented me on another previous criminal case and we didnt get along now all of a sudden shes somehow representing me on my social security claims where she was ineffective with my claims and petitions for child insurance claims the hearing was tarnished she didnt prsent the facts that the state of michigan had already injured and hurt me by incarcerating me twice as a juvenile where I spent time for nothing basically as a minor and I ws a juvenile prisoner in the system for a none violent crime and the charges are even highly questionable they didnt have my school special education records whre they said that I had emotional problems and attention disorders coudnt concenterate

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