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  1. Anonymous says:

    Even after winning appeal council for new trial this judge still refused to consider my Drs opinion. And appeal council said my dr should be considered. If anything it angered him, and he flat said it would have to be revisited. So going on 5 years already reached retirement age still waiting on my second appeal. This judge was rude and not comprehending the paperwork. My question why is there appeal council if a judge can ignore their ruling!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Reply to Donna. I went through same. Agree he needs to step down!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good luck if you receive this judge. As a health professional it was obvious that he had poor grasp of my diagnosis. He does appear to be demente as well. His short term memory was very poor and listening skills were non existent. In his denial letter he made several mistakes due to his poor attitude and inability to continue to do his job. It is a shame that people like myself have to be treated with such condescension by a 72 year old man who has no business practicing any longer. I can’t even give him one star as he needs disability himself. It is a shame that honest citizens have no recourse against such an inept “judge”

  4. donna says:

    Hello all. I’m new here, but been lurking for months.

    What in the world is going on with the SSA?? I’ve been denied at all levels.

    Applied October 2012- denied
    Appealed June 2014- denied
    ALJ Hearing
    Someone needs to tell this man to take a bow and step down. I seriously believe he’s got dementia. He forgets questions he’s already asked and asks them over again. I don’t  believe this is a tactic to make sure you’re giving the same answer every time to weed out the system abusers, but believe it’s his mind wilting away. He must be pushing 100 years old and bears a strong resemblance to The Crypt Keeper. We sat there for minutes listening to him stumble over his words to find the right word. He obviously didn’t thoroughly read  over medical records, or maybe didn’t remember that he had. He was on the spot trying to sift through medical documents.

    He kept asking if i enjoyed kroger and asked multiple times if I liked my dog. He kept referring to my doctor as my friend, referring to my son as my aunt, referring to my aunt as my grandfather…I didn’t know what the heck he was talking about.

    Here’s an example of his hypothetical to the vocational expert:

    “Due to the…uh…due…the claimant’s….uh, if someone…uh…uh…due…uh…to the same impairments…uh…hmm…uh…same impairments…uh…could, could…uh…someone…uh…find…uh, find, uh…gainful work?”

    What the what??
    Hearing took over two hours due to his scrambling for words.

    DENIED with 7 years worth of medical records and hospitalizations simply for the fact that I care for my son with out help. I met all disability criteria to deem me disabled, but denied because I’m able to drive my son to school and cook him simple meals. Who else is supposed to do it? Most of my family are dead, including both of my parents who were murdered. I’ve got enough stress and trauma not to have to be put through this social security circus.

    I’ve paid thousands of dollars to FICA, but oh, well.

    It’s time for this dementia-stricken, biased, 100 year old man to hang up the robe and go relax in his luxurious house paid for by tax money,
    While I’m camping out in my aunt’s spare bedroom because I can’t afford a place of my own after losing my house and belongings due to not being able to work.

    Just who are these 17% approvals? My guess is if you aren’t rolled into the hearing in a coffin, you aren’t gonna win with this one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Would love to see a post from someone who:
    1) Had a client offered an amended onset; and
    2) Client didn’t agree; and
    3) Judge denied.

    A simple “that happened to me” would suffice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    He is an extremely knowledgeable judge. He knew the medical issues in my case and they were very complicated. I have to stay in bed 75% and the dds in NC did not consider my fatigue and other symptoms. I hope I can now afford the new treatment for Hep. C.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This chief ALJ is tough. If you have hearing, you are probably going to lose claim. Reps & attorneys seem to agree about that. Seems to make up his mind during pre-hearing screening & you probably can’t change his mind. Uses extremely leading & loaded questions (result oriented) to claimants. Interrupts claimant rep’s if they attempt to do same. Can be rude and overbearing to rep’s & attorneys. However, friendly and direct with claimants. Apparently signs lots of on the record prehearing decisions, so award rate with hearings is lower. Per some local attorneys, he may offer amended onset dates pre-hearing and then deny claim completely if offered amendment not accepted by claimants.

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