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  1. VL says:

    Bad judge. Works an easy job himself, but thinks others can do physically hard work despite their impairments. When will this creep retire??

  2. JB says:

    Looks like Mike Myers in Fat B*stard. Self important, smelly and not too bright. When will this creep finally retire? I’d give no stars if possible

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let me start off saying this, MOST of you people are not writing the whole truth about this SSI ordeal. This has been the nightmare from absolute ****! my father has been waiting for SSI 3 years now and today as of 8/21/2018 he gets DENIED, Why? Not sure yet we have to wait for the letter to come in the mail. Let me tell you guys the whole story, so October 2015 my father had applied for SSI. He waited 5 months until he was denied, okay cool. So He appeals his case and we’ve waited for 3 whole years with no response AT ALL. We had gotten some letter in the mail around February 2018 saying we had a hearing date, GREAT. The hearing date was in June 2018 MIND YOU my father had a lawyer, all his medical records, he hasn’t worked in over 20 years due to his condition, he’s over 50+ AND he was approved before. but my father ended up going back to jail (this was a few years ago) He had everything they say the average person would need to get SSI. We’re literally in financial ruin! Because of this long drawn out process! You’re better off getting a job, the state does not care. ANYONE waiting for disability or just now getting started GOODLUCK, unless you have a good family you could live off of for awhile. You’ll end up in financial ruin! My dad has went years without an income! Lost his credit and all. Bottom line they want you to work, it doesn’t matter if you have no legs and no arms. They’ll find some work for you to do! Please be mindful yes this man was a fair judge, but he went over his 60+ days just to turn around and deny my father. It’s seriously like a game to these people. I wish everyone nothing but the best of luck, the state and government doesn’t want the poor to have a damn thing. DO NOT GO IN ASSUMING ANYTHING, DO NOT THINK JUST BECAUSE YOU GET A “FAIR JUDGE” IT MEANS YOU’RE APPROVED. Go in with the mindset that this can go either way, again goodluck to everyone that’s going to be battling this SSI demon. Things have changed drastically over the years and you’re going to suffer before you get any form of “free” money.

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