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  1. Anonymous says:

    After my hearing with Judge Cole I felt, regardless of his final decision, that I would be given a fair and thoughtful deliberation. I did not have a lawyer (I would recommend seriously considering a lawyer) and the Judge worked to help guide me through the process. He strikes me as a solid human being and a first-rate judge. One other thing that impressed me is that there were some pretty nasty paperwork errors made by SSA in developing my case. SSA failed to properly request medical records from several key specialists. Prior to my hearing, my file had been updated and the missing records were all included and brought up to date. Judge Cole is clearly detail oriented and I think that the cleaning up of my file also reflects on his personal tenacity.

  2. Manuel linares says:

    First off i just want to thank judge cole for his respect towards myself and my family. At first i read comments and i was affraid but come court date he was wonderful and treated me with utmost respect. I know how troubling ssdi can be especially when your young but he took the time allowed me to sit and stand and treated me as well as anybody can be treated.i knew that all i can do is be truthful and the rest will fall in place. Im sorry for thise if you that dont share the same experience but i can only speak on my experience and he was more than fair. From the moment he recognized my wait process which was 2.5 years to the eye contact he made i knew he was a fair respectable judge and now my family and myself await the monthly benefits TRULY BLESSED…and good luck to all!!!

  3. Ross says:

    If you get this judge you have already lost he has mental problems himself don’t even bother showing up for your hearing it a pilot hearing he allready jade your records and made up his mind before you get there he gets off on not paying dissabled people what there intitled to

  4. John says:

    Terrance human being look up his sallary on Internet you won’t believe it he makes half of what the president of the United States makes a scam and a sham crooked

  5. James says:

    My father in law had his hearing with this judge he suffers from bak problems PTSD panic disorder and depression he has paid in 33 years he can not work but he was denied what a shame the system truly is broke they will let some one be homeless

  6. Anonymous says:

    My father in law had his hearing with judge Cole he has severe back problems PTSD and depression anxiety and panic disorder he wanted me to say the judge was a kind man who takes these matters serious he also said the judge went out of his way to make him comfortable during hearing and that he is a good person

  7. Anonymous says:

    My hearing was with Judge Cole. I was really nervous about my hearing because I made the mistake of reading the previous posts. I found Judge Cole to be polite and respectful. He gave me an opportunity to state my case and thoroughly went over my medical records. Basically, my experience was the complete opposite than what others have posted. Thank goodness!! 🙂

  8. James santos says:

    Donald P Cole is extremely bias in his view towards mental illness. He is completely contradictory in his decision making and will look for ANY small reason to to take you, the claimants ailments and disabilities and make them appear insignificant. He is aware of it and that’s the worst part. At my hearing and in my decision he was opposed to agreeing with almost all my medical records and truly made the things that I suffer with daily sound insignificant. Basically you are lower than him in his opinion and with that attitude a decision on your case will be made. This man should not be an admisitrative law judge considering his overall attitude and bias towards the system. He is highly incompetent to do the job he has been given. If you have him your best bet is to walk into a hearing on your deathbed or you will not win.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This man is an outright liar and very incompetent he literally made up things to make his seem rational there is no honest person with a brain that could have reviewed all my evidence and the many sarcastic remarks about seeing a doctor only to have a form filled out or talk about my disability so I’d like to know where else would I go for medical issues a gas station a laundry mat I chose the logical idea and sought help from medical professionals and the only reason I would go to have a form filled out is because the government required it

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