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  1. Anonymous says:

    His decisions and rationale alone should cause for concern and investigation. He routinely plays doctor and vocational expert and has for years. Zero stars

  2. Non Attorney Rep. says:

    He is being sued by Morgan and Weisbrod, so anyone denied may want to know this.

  3. Rep says:

    This is probably one of the strangest hearings I have ever had. He does not go over the case at all, He only asks the strangest questions about the moment. He will dx the client and tell you the doctors were wrong. He wants the client to go to vocational rehab, and you need to have this done before you get to court. He also wants letters from anyone the client has ever seen, parole, probation, etc. He tries to teach you the whole time and focuses on the representative more than the client. He wants you to question the VE, and that is different.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just recieved the horrible news that he denied me. Now I feel I have no hope and it’s not in my nature to open up to others. I did to him and all he did was get angry at my attourny.
    I have always been suicidal but with hope, Now I don’t see any alternatives.
    I’m not saying i deserve it, but I don’t understand that they are approving so many and yet I am unworthy of the help.

    I am saying this so if he might see this, he might think a little harder when revieiwing others whose life may depend on his decision.

  5. R says:

    Well, ALJ Davis is certainly different. Very much the “teacher” during the hearing instead of the “judge”. One had better have very carefully and COMPLETELY reviewed the file as he will ask about obscure information and only refer to it by form number or even box number on the form. His approach to the VE is very strange, and you should be prepared to”pose it” to the VE which is basically you asking the VE some questions….however, he wants you to assume that the VE is the ACTUAL VE assigned to your client, not just another VE at a hearing…..all I can say is good luck.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge does not care about the mental help for the people like he pretend. With all evidence proving my claim he still denied me after saying verbally he approved my clinicals. Wonder why mentally ill people show their nature being a danger to others is because they are not receiving their medical help, which I am! I take my meds on time everyday that makes me sleep all day and he expect me to work. He based this case off of a lie from someone the government pays to lie not considering the truth in his face. I am Bipolar manic with several other mental illnesses taking several meds that keep me sedated there are witnesses he would not hear and barely asked me any questions. Other people that went before me had no atty won their case the same day and had the same disabilities by their own words. Yes, I will appeal and I’m not done yet he made several errors. People that don’t need help are helped and the ones that do he just rather them kill themselves. I am sorry you are a grinch but you need to add love in your heart and quit wasting my time and tax payers money (which I put in my fair share until I could not do anymore) and fix your errors. How many more have you fraudulently denied????

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