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  1. Kevin R Hunter says:

    Your Honor,

         On 29 November 2013 you ruled in favor of my receiving disability insurance. The court discovered through the course of evaluation that I had 169 shares of stock in Google. I told you that I was waiting for that investment to mature and you agreed that it was probably wise. You then gave me the certification number and other necessary information for my sister to hold.      In November 2019, my oldest sister, Brooke, as well as my uncle called to remind me of this investment. After demanding to be told as to why I shouldn’t want to tell my other little sister, Rachel, I finally decided it was okay. I was then informed that was a good thing because my little sister was already on the line. At that point “we” decided how it would be best to reveal the information.      This would have been handled immediately excepting that Rachel seemed agitated, this was worrying to both me and Brooke and Rachel would later call meto tell  that a computer virus was going around. I keep my files on notepad. She used her boyfriend as a computer programmer as a backing. I wasn’t about to bother him with  it  Rachel’s boyfriend for many years had told me that he is genuinely afraid of her.         In short, I am sorry to inform you that my oldest sister couldn’t fully fulfill her promise to you because my little sister is a psychopath and people are genuinely afraid for their own safety. I believe you warned me of such things at the time of your judgement but, sincerely, I hadn’t a clue.
    If your office can help me to reclaim these assets I would be absolutely ecstatic to actually pay taxes again. The world is in a tough spot right now and I have been looking forward to finally being able to help.

    Thank You

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