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  1. No hope says:

    Horrible Judge. This is my 2nd hearing with multiple appeals denied. My law firm, Avard Law, is beyond terrible. I went to VonCare for help($550) and they failed me as well. 3-4 people have asked how I have not received help. I am completely dependent on my parents. I lay in bed and watch movies all day because I have no energy. I’m Bi-Polar with Extreme Anxiety. I go 2 weeks without a shower. 10 years ago I received a brain injury that has made me so much worse. I thought my hearing went well and that this time I would get help. I was extremely wrong. I have almost no hope left. The only hope I have now is for death. Read the other reviews. Try to get a different Judge. You life depends on it.

  2. Sandra Lee Weeks says:

    Honorable Judge Douglas A Walker, On 09/04/2020 you ruled in my favor and awarded me back payments from 09/07/2018! To date (10/16/2020) I have yet to receive a phone call, paperwork or anything from the SSA office! Was wondering what to do. My PCP wants me to see a Neurosurgeon and I wanted things set before I seen them!

    Anything you may be able to do to help this happen for me I would greatly appreciate!

    Sandra Weeks

  3. high and mighty says:

    damn crook walker denied my backpay

  4. Charles R Hughes says:

    Your Honor, I hope you read this before your decision about my case. There were issues I failed to remember which I brought family with me to help. I don’t know why they couldn’t come in but it would have helped since I feel as though I didn’t represent myself well enough. As you know I suffer an incurable disease Tinnitus. It first started out very mild and intermittent and over the years consistently grew worse. For a long time I went to specialists who gave me the same prognosis, which was that there is no treatment and at the rate it was getting worse I would be totally deaf except for the intense ringing. I’ve suffered a lot of injuries over the years, but this really tops them all. I’ve been trying to get the VA to take care of me since I was injured during my tour of duty. It has taken me years for them to acknowledge and take responsibility for just a fraction. This has cost me my jobs, friends, everything I enjoyed doing and most of all, communicating with my children. I live in a prison, my mind. I am consumed with the noise in my head. I don’t think anybody fully understands what I am going through. My wife didn’t so who else could? Now, with all social ties severed, I’ve literally lived in my bedroom for five years straight now, I will no doubt be homeless. I will not survive on the streets. If I thought that I could return to work I would have. I went from 5,000 a month to around 1500. I help support my brother who has end stage renal disease that your system has denied him benefits for 2x now. He’s working on his third and has waited 3 years staying with and helping me cope. Mainly he helps with any phone calls especially between my kids. He will not survive on the street since his surgery left him with a bag attached to his belly, which should it, and most likely will get infected, is a death sentence. Were it not for my kids I would have ended my pathetic existence years ago. Now although I made a personal promise not to put my kids anything more traumatic than the divorce I really don’t have much choice. I mean really, live on the streets on top of what I live with 24/7? It’s a no brainer and I have just enough left to make the hard choices. I won’t take it personal should you decline me SSD but if you really wonder what made me decide to give up google” sounds of tinnitus”, click on the hearing institute and number one on the noise list. Turn the volume up and try to imagine that noise about 5x louder. That’s my world you’re hearing. The fit of depression I’ve fallen into needs no explaining if you can imagine that 24/7. My VA records and years of doctor visits should tell you I am not trying to scam anybody and I’m certainly not drinking pina coladas sitting on the beach with SSD picking up the tab. I have NO quality of life at all except for the roof over my head and CC tv. Being declined may just be the best for me.

  5. Prefer to not share says:

    Judge Walker was very professional and treated me with respect and complimented me on my work history and was able to clearly see that I have always worked since 17yrs old I was very nervous before the hearing as this process took almost 4 yrs for me and that just made my health issues worse than they were from the start. He lightened up the mood in the hearing and was able to see that I could no longer work and make any kind of substantial income as I had in the last 30 years of customer service and trust me when I say if I could have still continued to be able to work I certainly would have as my income would have been above and beyond and my way of life would have been comfortable instead I went from hero to zero very fast and it took a major toll on my health and life. Judge walker I want to thank you for understanding and being able to see the toll this has been for me. Thank you for treating me like a human and for the favorable decision as I can now start to feel better about myself and try to regain a normal life.

  6. Anonymous says:

    He denied my case the first time but had no choice but to approve it the second time. Yes I had the same judge twice how idiotic. Then he denied me back pay for over five years. Burn

  7. Anonymous says:

    My husband is partially blind, very severe arthritis and memory loss from a stroke. This ALJ told my husband that there are hundreds of jobs out there he could perform (which by the way, my husband has worked for over 40 years already). My husband broke his hip in 2010, lost his vision in 2010 and had his stroke in 2012 while we were waiting for the hearing. The judge never once looked my husband in the eye and when we received a “partial approval” we were told the date of approval was after the date of hearing so that no back benefits would be available. We are afraid if we file to the appeals council that what benefits he will be getting will be taken away.

  8. Juanita says:

    This ALJ is extremely unfair and unrealistic. My daughter suffers from ADHD, almost borderline retarded and still plays with dolls at the age of 19. She will not leave home without her stuffed ponies and acts as an 8 year old. At the hearing she took with her two ponies and did not respond to any of his questions. There was sufficient medical evidence from her psychiatrists and psychologists proving her mental condition, still he denied the claim. The Appeals Council remanded the case, and although my attorney showed new evidence that supports her challenging mental impairment he once again denied the claim. The case has been appealed at the Council once again, and we are waiting for it to revoke this awkward ALJ.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This man asked my 20 year old autistic client who is still in high school with severe paranoia and OCD what he thinks about UFOs. Really?

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