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  1. William Hanlon says:

    I need a sooner hearing my body cannot keep this up I hert moor and moor every day and it is not getting any better and some days I can’t get out of bed OK need to go for now have a great day

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just had my hearing today. I have not received a decision yet obviously, so the outcome is not impacting my review. Judge White was super friendly and personable. He was sensitive in discussing health issues that one can often be self-conscious about but are obviously a key factor regarding a claim. (I.E. in my case super morbid obesity)I feared that I would made to feel inferior and bothersome at my hearing, but instead both Judge White and the vocational expert validated the concerns addressed in my claim and I felt respected by both of them. Judge White seemed knowledgeable about my claim which clearly indicated that he had truly taken time to review it prior to the hearing. He was patient and allowed my attorney to express her input regarding my claim to her satisfaction. Overall, I am highly satisfied with my interaction with Judge White.

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