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  1. Maria Coutinho says:

    Judge Alvarado was very fair and listened closely to my case. While the attorney for the state was against me of course, she knew I was disabled. I had an ocular stroke which left me blind in my right eye. I was just at the beginning of two cancers. I was approved.

  2. PJJ says:

    Judge Alvarado is professional, courteous and thorough with a mastery of SS law and regulations to go along with an astute mind, Her questioning is deft and well-calculated to draw out a response from the claimant that will disclose the truth as to the extent of the loss of function caused by the claimant’s impairments. I think she is kind and fair, knowledgeable and skilled.

  3. sucks says:

    Phoney. screws over white people..

  4. Vera Borgwardt says:

    I am very disappointed on this Alvarado Judge, I have many health issues, with a lot of doctor’s reports, I have being in pain for the longest, making me unable to get up from bed often due to the severe pain, numbness, and many other serious symptoms, and who does she thinks she is to denied my case, shame on her to make her decisions based on her own judgement, and not on the diagnosis, very dissatisfied with the outcome, good luck if anyone is getting this heartless person as a Judge. I never like woman as Judges. Hope she doesn’t keep making this wrong decisions based only on her judgement, she is so wrong!!!

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